Goodbye Old Flag

Bill Neinast

Goodbye old flag.  The Lone Star that figuratively draped the bodies of Travis, Bowie, and Crockett and waved over San Jacinto must be headed for the dust bin of history.

That lone star on a flag of broad white and red stripes has to be offensive to some Mexicans.  It represents the disobedience and revolt of some Anglos against the legitimate rule of Mexico.

Ultimately it flew over the slaughter of Santa Anna’s army at San Jacinto.  So how can that symbol of hatred and butchery fly in the face of sensitive Mexicans.

When digging the grave or building a pyre for the burning, leave space for the donkey flag of the Democrat party.  That is  party flag of the Jim Crow law enforcers, of the KKK, and of the senators who fought LBJ’s Civil Rights legislation in the U.S. Senate.  So how can it be allowed to wave in the face of minorities?

Who will set off the charge to destroy the huge statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville?  Remember him?  He was the leader of that revolt against the Mexicans.

This bit of facetiousness, of course, is to make a point about the grease that has been dumped on the slippery slope.  Look at what has already been shoved down that slope.

There is no longer a Merry Christmas greeting in nation wide businesses.  Now it is Happy Holidays.  And there are no more Christmas trees or lights.  Now it is holiday decorations.

Legal proceedings to remove the Ten Commandments stone from the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol grounds are pending.  A similar suit against such a stone on the capitol grounds in Austin was decided against the complainers.

Now that the Confederate Battle Flag has been pulled down in Charlotte, South Carolina, movements are under way to destroy the statues of Robert E. Lee wherever they may be standing.

Similarly, there are moves to change the names of public schools named after Lee. You must wonder, then, how long it will be before there is a move to change the name of Lee County, Texas, regardless of the origin of the name.

Will the towns of Leesville and Leesburg scattered across the country side have to fade away?

There is, however, one bright spot on this slippery slope of political correctness.  Everyone can now get rich by making replicas of Washington Redskin football memorabilia. 

A court has just nullified the Redskin’s copyright of its logo because it was considered offensive by some so called Native Americans.

So here’s the perspective.

This is political correctness run amuck.

There seems to be a cadre of political correctness police.  They are secret police.  No one knows who they are or how they get appointed.  

Of more concern, there are no known uniform rules for determining political correctness.  The political correctness police are the sole judges of what is and what is not politically correct.  

If you are on the wrong side of a political correctness decision, there is no appeal.  Your only hope, therefore, is to keep your thoughts and actions pure,  whatever that happens to be at the moment.

Good luck.


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