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Phony Ads

This Month Sponsored by:

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Brewed in good old Kentucky.

Get your fifteen minutes now in the handy quart-sized bottle of instant notoriety.  Fame is recommended for the left out and left behind.  It makes men handsomer and women prettier.  The more you drink, the closer you get to your fifteen minutes.

Not recommended  while operating machinery or participating in any other useful human activities.

Recommended by Andy Warhol who endorses Fifteen Minutes of Fame to everyone.

“I told you so.”


Pietro Uberti: 1730

George Rodrigue's painting of Cléoma Breaux Falcon, who recorded the first Cajun record with her husband Joseph Falcon in New Orleans, 1928.

“A la Mie in the Restaurant” by Toulouse-Lautrec  

Roy Lichtenstein’s “Whaam” 1963  

Cassius Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker”

“Soup Cans” by Andy Warhol

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