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About Dxtr:

note to a friend

Bob Hurt


                     Copyright © By Bob Hu rt,

I have noticed Dxtr's behavior the past few days.  He spends a lot of time with me, but he goes to bed with Maria.  When I come into the front door, he runs to greet me and excitedly jumps around me and licks me when I sit on the couch.  I don't believe any human being has behaved as excited and glad to see me as Dxtr does.

When I sit at the computer, he comes in with one of the balls and drops it on the floor mat behind me so I hear it klump on the mat.  That tells me he wants to play.  So I swivel around and play tug of war with him, letting him win most of the time. 

I have started tossing the item to him.  Most of the time he catches it, then intentionally drops it so I'll pick it up and toss it again. 

He sits beside me when I eat at my desk, hoping I'll give him something; and he doesn't bug me vocally unless I have something he considers delicious.  Then he'll wait, and if I don't give him some, he'll huff gently to let me know I should let him have a taste. 

Dxtr does get tired after romping around all day since dawn.  For the past several days, he has propped his head on his bed behind me and slept in the evening.  Then after a while, he gets up and goes to bed with Maria.

Sometimes I get a little annoyed with him for pestering me to play.  And then I think about his having no one else to play with and it breaks my heart to ponder his disappointment.  So I turn around and play with him for a while.

Dxtr is a sweetheart of a dog, a real friend.  He is teaching me to be more human and more humane.  I hate to disappoint him, so I spoil him, of course.

I'm writing this to you because I know you have experienced the same things with Dxtr.  He fills a friendship need for both of us, and gives us someone to love with no strings attached.  It brings tears to my eyes to think of his eagerness to please and his affectionate ways, knowing that you and Maria and I are his only reliable friends in this world. 

Some day Dxtr will go to doggie heaven, if there is such a place, and his absence will leave a gaping, aching hole in our hearts.

Till then, I'll love him and play with him like a friend should.