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According to documented legend, I entered the world on 5/29/1943 at 4 A.M. in Houston's Herman Hospital. You probably wouldn't consider me a "spring chicken." As a native of Texas, I do understand the power and importance of hospitality.

“In my life I have married and divorced, hired and fired, scolded and praised, suffered the same at the hands of others, and I still haven't begun to learn the lessons in store for me. I served in the computer industry in one way or another all my adult life until I retired. I served aboard submarines during my 9-year stint in the U.S. Navy. In the private sector I served at various times as a writer, technician, engineer, programmer, teacher, marketer, salesman, web designer, manufacturer, senior executive, and CEO.

“Today I enjoy a happy marriage and spend most of my time in my domicile at "On Top of the World," a lovely community in Clearwater near Florida's gulf coast. I play classical and country guitar for fun, and to entertain my bride, Maria. I evangelize about the gospel, and I study, study, teach, and promote the reading of The Urantia Book. And, I enjoy the status of "truth-seeker."

“In August 2006, I decided to study law.”

Bob has his own website, http://bobhurt.com/articles, which you might find interesting.



1     Can You Spare a Little Change?

2    Whiskers

3    A Quick Note about Pure White

4   Jugito’s Habanero Pepper Mash and Hot Sauce

5    When and Why You Should Raise Your Price

6    Anchor Babies

7    The Roll of Isis in the West

8    Make Your Own Double-Inverted Diametric-Apex Cheops Pyramid Psychotronic Twirler

7    The Roll of Isis in the West

9    The Psychotronic Twirler

10    Sourdough Bread and LED Light Bulbs

11     About Dxtr: Note to a Friend

12     A Man’s Breakfast

13     Bitcoins

13    Everyone Should Have a Human or Two

14    I Am not a Hatist

15    Jugito’s Ha’ole Hawai’i Sourdough Bread

16   How to Survive in Egg and Steak Heaven without a Circulator

17   Susi

18   On Sticking One’s Patriotic Neck Out to Clean Up Government

19   Enjoyed the Gun Talk

20  Statutory Construction, Juries, and Staying Out of Trouble


1    The Rendezvous: The Texan

2    The Alleyway Stinkards of Bayouville

3    The Sheriff, the Wolf and the Gunslinger (Part 1)

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