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According to documented legend, I entered the world on 5/29/1943 at 4 A.M. in Houston's Herman Hospital. You probably wouldn't consider me a "spring chicken." As a native of Texas, I do understand the power and importance of hospitality.

“In my life I have married and divorced, hired and fired, scolded and praised, suffered the same at the hands of others, and I still haven't begun to learn the lessons in store for me. I served in the computer industry in one way or another all my adult life until I retired. I served aboard submarines during my 9-year stint in the U.S. Navy. In the private sector I served at various times as a writer, technician, engineer, programmer, teacher, marketer, salesman, web designer, manufacturer, senior executive, and CEO.

“Today I enjoy a happy marriage and spend most of my time in my domicile at "On Top of the World," a lovely community in Clearwater near Florida's gulf coast. I play classical and country guitar for fun, and to entertain my bride, Maria. I evangelize about the gospel, and I study, study, teach, and promote the reading of The Urantia Book. And, I enjoy the status of "truth-seeker."

“In August 2006, I decided to study law.”

Bob has his own website, http://bobhurt.com/articles, which you might find interesting.



1     Can You Spare a Little Change?

2    Whiskers

3    A Quick Note about Pure White

4   Jugito’s Habanero Pepper Mash and Hot Sauce

5    When and Why You Should Raise Your Price

6    Anchor Babies

7    The Roll of Isis in the West

8    Make Your Own Double-Inverted Diametric-Apex Cheops Pyramid Psychotronic Twirler

7    The Roll of Isis in the West

9    The Psychotronic Twirler

10    Sourdough Bread and LED Light Bulbs

11     About Dxtr: Note to a Friend

12     A Man’s Breakfast

13     Bitcoins

13    Everyone Should Have a Human or Two

14    I Am not a Hatist

15    Jugito’s Ha’ole Hawai’i Sourdough Bread

16   How to Survive in Egg and Steak Heaven without a Circulator

17   Susi

18   On Sticking One’s Patriotic Neck Out to Clean Up Government

19   Enjoyed the Gun Talk

20  Statutory Construction, Juries, and Staying Out of Trouble

21  Paul the Usurper


1    The Rendezvous: The Texan

2    The Alleyway Stinkards of Bayouville

3    The Sheriff, the Wolf and the Gunslinger (Part 1)

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