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Sourdough Bread and LED Light Bulbs

Bob Hurt

Folks, I just cannot resist baking sourdough bread now that I can make perfect loaves every time. I made these a couple of days ago.

I had concluded that my normal recipe with a kilogram of flour, 600 grams water, 200 grams sourdough sponge, and 4 tsp salt, simply overwhelmed my smallish 9” long banana bread pans.

So, I decided to reduce the dough for each of those loaves and put the remainder of the batch into a tiny bread pan. As you can see, the idea worked well, STILL resulting in slight bulbous tops for the larger loaves. I’d call this result nearly perfect. Wouldn’t you? I photographed these FRESH out of the oven. Our home had that delicious baked bread smell for hours.

Yes, you may pass this on to your family, friends, and associates.

Okay, I broke down and bought 10 of these cold
white “laht bubs” from China via ebay for $28.70 at paypal. They arrived a couple of weeks later. I just checked a few minutes ago and found a higher price, $31.00. The guys seem pretty clever. As interest goes up so does price, till it drives interest back down. SO, BUY EARLY.

“10 pcs E27 Warm White LED Energy Saving SMD Light Bulb, Buy It Now $30.99, Free shipping. Time left: 8d 9h 59m.”

I have appended some photos that show you what they look like under power and in hand. I have not measured the power consumption, but the vendor rates them at 3.2 Watts. They seem to give about the same illumination as a 40 watt incandescent bulb. And they should last 30,000 or more hours. Some claim operation to 100,000 hours. I imagine they keep working even though an LED burns out.

These have 7 LEDs. LED means Light Emitting Diode, a kind of transistor that emits light when you pump electricity through them. Some LEDs serve as panel indicators, some as light bulbs for illumination, and some as lasers.

Why do this? Well a normal incandescent 40 watt bulb costs $2 and lasts 20,000 hours at the most. At 12 cents per kilowatt hour (KWH), cost of ownership comes to:

*Led bulb power consumption = 3.2/40 watts = 8% of 40 Watt bulb power

40 watt bulb has 2/3 of LED bulb duration

@20,000 hours 40 watt bulb costs $96 + $2 bulb = $98.00

@20,000 hours Led bulb costs $7.68 + 2.06 = $7.74