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A Texan’s Foreign Romance Anecdote

Bob Hurt


Copyright © 14 May 2014 by Bob Hurt. All rights reserved.

Karlsruhe is an arts, education, and cultural town a few kilometers from the Rhine River and French border in the longitudinal center of Germany.  I moved there in October 1982 when I worked as a software group leader for a computer manufacturer in nearby Stutensee.

A few months after registering into the city's tax office, I attended a barbecue party at a friend's home and there I met, and fell instantly in love (CRAZY love) with a gorgeous buxom blonde female university student whom my friend called Susi. 

I went Gonzo-Bonkers over Susi, and she deserved it.  She smelled earthy and fragrant, kissed sumptuously, tasted mind-blowingly delicious, played classical guitar and piano and drums, had a fantastic sense of humor, and soon seemed to love me as deeply as I loved her.

After a few weeks of-off-and-on dating, she prepared a delightful dinner for us at her place.  After cleaning up, we peeled her clothes off. I had never seen such a beautiful white body up close and personal.  OH GOD, I could not keep from devouring her, figuratively. 

After one afternoon tryst in her apartment, we left through the courtyard and the neighbors greeted us with cheers, applause, and hoots for our performance, which they had obviously enjoyed.  She grinned in freshly-loved radiance as she remembered our frabjous fiesta of unfettered love. 

Later as we drove around Adenauer Ring, I felt so enraptured in my infatuation and love for her that I forgot where we intended to go and how to get there:  my home in Waldstadt on Stettiner Strasse across from the home of the Chief Justice of the German Supreme Court. 

After a dizzy loop around the Ring, Susi asked me where I was going.  I picked up her hand and sucked on her Whopper-Finger (we had just eaten at Burger King, and she tasted like a Whopper), then told her I had forgotten.  She smiled politely and directed me to my house and another experience in the heaven of her embrace.

I'll never forget the tortured romance I had with Susanne Weiss.

Eventually, we planned to marry, in preparation whereof she wanted me to meet her brother, a professor at the university.  We went to his home.  He asked me about my political views.

I told him Bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl seemed smart enough, and I thought he did a good job.  I told him I liked Ronald Regan both in movies and as a President.  That sealed my doom. 

He explained to me that he could not help loathing Americans for killing all the American Indians.  I asked whether he had ever met any American Indians. When he said no, I told him that explained why he thought they did not need killing, and I joked that if he had met any, he might want to kill them too.   That settled it.  He demanded that Susi not marry me, and shortly thereafter she broke off our relationship.  That crushed my hopes and my heart.  It left me dazed, spinning in social uselessness for weeks afterward.  Until I met Barbara and Birgit.

I shall save that part of the tale for a later anecdote.  But, God Help Me, I still love Susi and probably always will. 

Yes, I remember that old saying that a girl has to kiss a few frogs in order to find a prince.  I guess I became one of Susi's frogs.  I hope she found her prince.