I was born Amy Elizabeth Ehler on April 19, 1977.  My mom says there was quite a storm the night I was born.  Since that day thirty years ago, there have been many other storms but also rainbows after the rain.

I grew up in a divorced family.  My mom and dad divorced when I was only three, and my father got custody of my brother and me.  It's a court decision that I will never understand, and ultimately it changed the course of my life.   My father remarried when I was five, and I got another brother when I was seven.

I grew up in the country outside the little town of Somerville, Texas. I enjoyed school, made good grades, was popular, and graduated with honors.  I went to Blinn Junior College in Brenham where I worked at a grocery store and began to date the wrong boy.  I stayed in an abusive relationship for two years before moving to Huntsville to continue my education.  I began to have severe panic attacks and had to quit school and move in with my mom and step-dad in Waco.  It was the first time in almost twenty years I had lived with my mom. I only lived there for about six months, but it was wonderful and special for my mom and me. 

I continued to suffer from anxiety and depression and could never find the motivation to go back to school.  I bounced around from town to town.  I moved to San Marcos, then to Austin for four years. It was in Austin, living by myself, that I began to really "find" myself.  I was twenty-eight when I moved back to Waco to work for my step-dad's new company.  I was happy to have a new career, but lonely. 

I met a man named Alex on the internet that lived in Killeen.  He was a widow and veteran. We began to date and three months later I moved to Killeen.  Seven months later he asked me to marry him.  I was overjoyed.  We set the date for October. Then, in August I found out I was pregnant.  We had our first child, a boy named Jace on April 28, 2007, nine days after I turned thirty.  When Jace was eleven months old, we found out we were pregnant again, this time with a girl.  Bella was born on December 23, 2008. And, when Bella was 18 months old, we found out yet again there was a blessing on the way.   Brenlie was born on March 11, 2011.  So, within five years, I had gotten married and had 3 children. A quick way to do things, but it has proven to be the best life ever. 

I now am a stay at home mom to my three children and work at the same auction that my dad started eight years ago.  I work only on Fridays.  I am going to auctioneer school in October to begin a new career. 

I found Mr. Pinkerton's website through Mrs. Pinkerton. The thought of writing appealed greatly to me.  I wrote lots of poetry when I was younger, and now at thirty-six, I’ll begin again.  



1    That Mom  

2    Addiction (poem)

3    One Day 

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