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And Gawd Said

John W. Pinkerton


My first encounter with the concept that the world might be a giant computer program led me to think, “Ha, not likely.”

Ha!  We all know that we are real flesh and blood…solid as the rocks we throw at each other.

One day I was watching a program on TV about bizarre things in the world that folks have encountered.  On this particular program, a surveillance camera had recorded what appeared to be a brief moment of a child walking down a street with a dog running around the boy merrily.  The “bizarre” factor was that they were both translucent.

I read somewhere of something called residual ghosts.  Residual ghosts?  Hell, I don't even believe in “real” ghosts.

These “residual” ghosts don't seem to be visible to the naked eye, but do seem to be visible to digital cameras, and their behavior seems to be repetitive; in other words, they are recorded doing the same things over and over---like…a computer glitch.

With the digital camera we are rubbing up against the computer world and computer programming.

Holy crap!  Maybe we are just part of a computer program.

Well, that certainly opens up a lot of things to think about.

Being a somewhat religious person, the first creator of such a program that comes to mind is God…or Gawd as we say in the South.  I'll have to settle for God or “Gawd” because I don't know any other all-powerful big shots.

I suppose that he…or she for you feminists…got bored and said, “I'll create an all-powerful computer and program it for my entertainment.”  I assume he would have created a perfect world with saintly plants and animals and human beings, but I also assume that he would have found such a world extremely boring.  How many times can one watch John Boy pass the butter to Grandpa?

I must assume that after some time of observing this boring world, Gawd said, “I suspect it's wicked, but I must introduce a little excitement to this world for the sake of my sanity.”

And thus sin and evil and stubbed toes were introduced to our world.

I think Gawd made the correct decision.  As miserable as the world may make us at times,  I don't think I would like it any better if all I encountered in my earthly journey was John Boy passing the butter.

As for my opinion on the world being nothing more than a computer program, I just hope that Gawd…or whoever is running this show…doesn't hit erase or unplug his…or her…computer.  Just saying.