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I met Becky at her SEAD show, “Higgs Bosom VI.”  It was early and not many folks were around.  We had a little time to talk.  I found her to be kind and engaging.   After reading everything I could find about her online, I was a little more respectful.


Becky Phillips is a Professor of Art at Blinn College where she teaches drawing, painting and art history.  She holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from West Virginia University

Her artwork can be seen on the cover of "The Seven Sexes: Biology of Sex Determination: A History" by Dr. Elof Carlson Indiana University Press. Recently, she exhibited at The Kinsey Institute, The Texas National, The Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, The Forsyth Galleries at TAMU, The Visual Arts Alliance in Houston and The University of Science and Art in Oklahoma.   She has worked as a graduate assistant at West Virginia University, art director at Butterfly Pavilion and Coastal Carolina University.

My work is inspired by science: neuroscience, behavioral evolution in humans, migration of humans, archeology, and recently, particle physics. As the person who creates the visual interpretation of these events, I am curious about the tipping point when art and science have the capacity to nudge people’s fixed perceptions. Public resistance to science in The Age of Enlightenment is still upon us in the Information Age.

My work highlights how an artist takes in the world around us intellectually and then dispatches the information through spontaneous and abstract processes such as the visual arts. I do believe that this exploration is where innovation lies.          
“In August of 2012, scientists discovered the Higgs-Boson Particle at the Cern Large Hadron Collider. In reading about the discovery, I exploded with an exaggerated and dramatic energy like a blast, and the result is the series titled “Higgs-Boson”. Within the layers of painting are recognizable objects; these are taken from a massive junk drawer, like matter forms into mass. From tools, rubber bands, a broken strand of pearls, they are a clustered outer expansion around refracted light. Eventually, the energy from the Higgs Boson will dissolve; die off and be as short-lived as the particle itself.         

“As in the Time-Based media “Eye Interrogation: High brow/Low brow,” the lens is cropped on the eye so as to watch the response of the ocular region as the interviewees are asked probing questions about their views on art. The agenda is to identify polarized perceptions and predict the audience’s expectation of art. The work is rooted in contemporary art culture and working in a small town with some kind of hope for a bridge of understanding.
For her Time-Based media, she has been the recipient of a Franklin Furnace Grant in N.Y., a West Virginia Culture and History Grant for work about generational patterns, and a Puffin Grant for work with social relevance. Her exhibits have included The Cleveland Performance Art Festival  ,Randolph Street Gallery Chicago, Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, N.A.M.E. Gallery Chicago, and Gallery 2 Chicago as well as site-specific installations across the country.  Her next Time-Based media work will be at “Projects on Ashburn” in College Station, Texas.”




Becky’s Exhibition, Projects, and Lectures from 2010 to Present

2013 SEAD Gallery Solo Exhibit “Sublime Encounters: Science & Art Collide” Bryan, TX



Visual Arts Alliance 30 annual national competition Houston, TX

Faculty Exhibit Blinn College Sealy, TX


Cover Art for “Biology of Sexual Determination: A History” author Dr. Elof Carlson Indiana University Press


Bath House Cultural Center Dallas Texas



The Kinsey Institute National Juried Competition


Visual Arts Alliance 28th annual national Competition 2nd in show Houston, TX

Texas Gallery Brazos Valley Arts League “Pink Evolution” exhibit and curator

Forsyth Galleries Texas A&M University contemporary juried regional competition

Forsyth Galleries Texas A&M Guest Lecture “Deciphering the Carbon Code: How to interpret Contemporary Art (even if you don’t like it)” based on N.Y. artist M.V. Carbon’s work

Featured Artist “Mod&Libby” paintings  & installation The Frame Gallery Bryan Texas


Texas National 2010 Judy Pfaff- juror Stephan F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, Texas

Forsyth Galleries Texas A&M University Contemporary juried regional competition Bryan, Texas

Forsyth Galleries Texas A&M University Guest Lecture “Excavations: The Artist Statement”


Becky’s exhibitions, projects, and lectures record goes back to 1989.

Becky’s Publications & Reviews

Cover Art for “The Seven Sexes; Biology of Sex Determination: A History” Dr. Elof Carlson Indianna University Press 2013 http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=the+7+sexes+a+biology+of+sex+determination

Texas National 2010 Catalog

USAO Seven State Biennial Fifth Competitive Exhibition Catalog

P-form Magazine Review of “They Call It Cancer” by Kate Anderson http://digital-libraries.saic.edu/cdm/search/collection/pform/field/featur/searchterm/Eddy,%20Tommy/mode/exact

In Pittsburgh Newsweekly “Drag Queen West Virginia Style” by Lissa Brennan

In Pittsburgh Newsweekly (They Call It Cancer)

The Parkersburg News (LDW)

The Dominion Post (LDW)

The Daily Athenaeum “Art Under the Den”

The Sun News “Art That Takes Risks”

Becky’s Grants and Fellowships and Awards

Franklin Furnace Emerging Artist Award N.Y. N.Y.

West Virginia Culture and History Grant (in part by an NEA)

The Puffin Foundation Grant N.J.

M.F.A. Full tuition waiver, merit scholarship and top-off Award

Corpus Christi Art Center  “Dimensions” 3rd place painting

Featured Artist for the City of Bryan's  “Green Theme”

Live Oak Art Center Columbus, TX Honorable Mention juried exhibit

VAA 2nd in show Houston national competition

Becky’s Galleries:

Becky’s Update:

See Becky’s “Eye Interrogation,” a video project about polarized perceptions in the context of an art appreciation language.

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