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Beer for All

John W. Pinkerton


Often folks confuse “can” with “should.”

The Southeast Conference has decided that it's okay for their schools to sell alcohol at their football games.

Of course, TAMU jumped right on this.  “More money.  More money.  More money.”

Apparently beer and wine will only be available in the general admission sections of the stadium---not the student sections.  Gee, if it's good for the goose, don't you think it should be good for the gander?

This question brings to mind what happened when the newly elected governor of Louisiana decided to have his inauguration ball on the LSU campus.  Of course, being Louisiana, alcohol was to be served.  This caused a stir among the student body which applied the “good for the goose…” adage to their protest.  I guess that accounts for the beer vending machine I noticed in the student center the last time I visited there.

Most college football games grind on for a little over three hours.  What a shame if the TAMU fans were denied beer or wine for three hours.

I received an undergraduate degree at LSU and a masters degree at TAMU.  I'm familiar with the atmospheres of both football settings.  Both are wonderful places for college games.  Although it wasn't permitted, LSU games had more alcohol in the stadium than any distillery in the country.  I, perhaps naively, never suspected anyone was drinking at the TAMU games.  Making alcoholic drinks available at the LSU stadium might actually reduce the consumption of alcohol---being legal and all.  Making alcoholic drinks available at TAMU might ruin the family atmosphere of the attendees.  TAMU should not want to be LSU, and LSU should not want to be TAMU.

Personally I prefer the LSU atmosphere because I'm not much of a family gathering type of guy.  Although I no longer drink, I am all for it in the right settings.  The TAMU football stadium is not the right setting---amateurs.