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Bucket List

Corky Cummings


It isn’t comfortable to realize you are in the final years of your life and the time remaining to do things is limited. Frankly I don’t know how I got this old so quickly. I thought it would take longer. I can’t take credit for those words of wisdom. I saw it on a T-shirt that I purchased and it has drawn many comments when I wear it, mainly from older people who feel the same way. 

Patti and I have not done any extensive traveling, primarily because I’m not crazy about getting on an airplane for 10-15 hours to reach a destination. Financial concerns have also affected our decision to not visit many foreign countries. We have a motorhome and have gone many places in the Western United States. It allows us the convenience of having our own living quarters while we are on the road plus we can take our dog Bailey with us. There is also an enjoyment you get by being outdoors and meeting friendly people who share the same interests.

Anyway, I have digressed somewhat from the title of this essay. Some people have compiled a list of places that they would like to visit or things that they would like to do while they still can. Jumping out of an airplane, running a marathon or climbing a mountain has no appeal to me. I guess I’m just not the adventurous type like some of my friends. I also have no interest in going to Hong Kong, Antarctica or Egypt but going back to New York City would be nice and we are visiting Boston later this year. We also have more motorhome trips planned but not too many places that we haven’t already been. 

I guess the bottom line for a Bucket List is that I don’t have one. We are fortunate to live near our two kids and five grandkids, and being involved in their lives brings us a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction. The grandkids are involved in many sports and activities and watching them grow and develop their skills is rewarding. So far they haven’t taken a wrong turn and hopefully they will continue down the right path. 

I really enjoy a routine life and if I can hang around for a few more years and have good health while I’m still here, it’s about the best that I could hope for. Being able to get out of bed each morning and make it to the bathroom is sometimes underrated. I’ll leave the Bucket Lists to people who live a more exciting life.