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Buyer’s Regret

John W. Pinkerton


About a month before the last Presidential election, I included the following as part of a post concerning the upcoming election.

“I'm certainly no Nostradomus…but I've watched Democrats drop their drawers and do naked back flips through the public square for four years which must have been exhausting for them------quite a show, but if their efforts are not rewarded with the Presidency, they had better remember to write thank you notes to a lot of folks.

“Let’s begin with Democrat leadership: Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Jerrold Nadler to name a few (Russia, Russia, Russia). Let's throw in Maxine Waters (“Get in their faces.”), and a special thanks to a small group of legislators who displayed astonishing stupidity on almost a daily basis (see “cow farts”): Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib---the Squad. New York scores well with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. A special thanks to Cory Booker and Kamala Harris for their performances at the Cavanaugh hearing. The Most Valuable Organization award must go to Black Lives Matter assisted by Antifa whom we can thank for the riots and looting. And all of the Democrat voters who after an extensive examination of potential candidates including “Crazy” Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, chose---wait for it…wait for it---Joe Biden.

“A special thanks to James B. Comey (No prosecution here.) and John Brennan (Nothing to see here.) for their excellent work at the FBI and the CIA.

“I almost forgot the councilmen across the country who voted to make their communities “sanctuary cities.”

“We can't leave out the “little” people, those who held no political offices but chose to get in the fray by insulting their friends and neighbors with name calling---“racist,” “ignorant,” “liars,” “cheaters,” etc.

“I almost forgot the news organization which gave their hatred for Trump their blood, sweat, and lies: CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and several other “news” groups.

“Oops, we have some late arrivals: Facebook (The Biden email story is a Russian plot, and you can't read about it," and, of course, Hunter Biden, esquire.”

I also suggested that if the Dems did not win the election, they would need to write thank you notes to these same folks.

Although I was a little uncertain about the election's outcome, I was reasonably certain Trump would win another term (common sense).  Well...in my defense…I didn't know that the Dems had a secret sauce to add to their election plan---a guerilla war against our voting systems.

Of course, Biden won---at least the count---and all of his supporters were jubilant and off to the races to remake the country in their own image.

And of course, Biden was thrilled.  He made a deal with far left wing of his party to support their view of the country in order to get their votes, and it paid off.  He became President in spite of his…well, human frailties.

Now, this “victory” was not without a cost---Biden was still stuck with all the nutjobs who got him into the White House…and people are slowly (the new speed of the mental capacities of many of our citizens) noticing this.

A lot of the folks thought they were electing a “moderate,” a “uniter,” and a nice old guy…at least nicer than Trump.

Slowly it's dawning on these folks that they actually voted for a far left-wing liberal, a divider, and a nasty old man suffering from dementia.

Buyer's regret…forget it.  We're stuck with him for three and a half more years.

Also in this post, I confessed that I didn't know who would win this election, but common sense dictated that Trump would triumph.  I mean, after all Biden mostly campaigned from his basement and when he did come out into the sunlight, he seemed a little discombobulated; whereas, in the meantime, Trump was campaigning hard around the country and had created the greatest economy ever in our country, had achieved energy independence, solved the border problem and was within a few days of having the vaccine available for the pandemic.

Of course, that didn't happen.