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Check Your Box

Sherrine Moore


Is it just me or is anyone else having a hard time with the whole subject of gender identity?   Do we really need 31 gender options?  We are talking about gender, not ice cream flavors.  That's how many options they have in New York---and if that isn't crazy enough, did you know that New York businesses can be fined up to $250,000.00 for refusing to address someone by their “preferred” pronoun?

I started over-thinking the subject and thought if we are going to have all these new boxes to identify with, why not add boxes for temperaments or personalities.

For example, why not have a box called…“deplorable” or “free thinker” or “indifferent.”  I mean, does “cisgender,” a person whose gender identity and biological sex assigned at birth align, need to be included on the list---Huh?  What?  I'm sorry but that seems like a box to confirm the already checked box on your birth certificate.   Surely “deplorable” could make the list, right?  I'm thinking if I check that box and identify as a deplorable and I use foul language that later comes back to haunt me---cause I do have moments when I have a potty mouth---no further explanation will be needed.  I've checked the box.  I'm a deplorable.  If I mess up and accidentally use a wrong pronoun when addressing someone in gender crisis, instead of me being labeled insensitive, racist, sexist, or something that I could be fined for, I'm a deplorable, no offense intended.  Seems simple, doesn't it?

We don't have to agree on everything to co-exist in this great nation.  I don't want to lose friendships over my political views or my way of thinking. We don't have to have the same taste in music, like the same food, live the same life style, check the same boxes, or agree on a candidate to respect each other's differences.  Because aren't we all unique?  Do we really need a box checked on some government form to be our unique, individual selves?

You don't want to check the deplorable box? Pick another box!  To me, it seems obvious there is a movement of organized propaganda that has convinced the masses that the MALE OR FEMALE system of gender identity is no longer applicable.  I truly hope I am not the only one who finds it ridiculous.  Next we will be doing away with X and Y chromosomes.

I know, I have probably spent longer than necessary on the whole subject, but I am trying to  remain a critical and free thinker not with the intent of changing the minds of others but to understand how we Americans got to this place of being controlled and manipulated.

As a mother, I want to teach my daughters to recognize the bursts of information being fed to us isn't the gospel and how changing social values and putting everyone in a box is really only creating a wider division, and it goes far deeper than gender identity.