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Christians Redefined

John W. Pinkerton


“Christian” has been redefined by the left as a synonym for dumb, backward, out of step.


It's just another misuse of the English language to vilify folks who have different views than they have.

If one is opposed to abortion, then one must be one of those backward Christians.

The truth is that the opposition to abortion is not founded on Christianity.  It's founded on humanity.  Christianity is just a subset of humanity.

Do you liberals really believe that being prochoice is an admirable human quality?

I consider myself a Christian.  I don't attend church regularly---just Christenings and weddings and funerals.

I'm pretty tolerant of all religions…except Islam.  It seems that many of them believe they have an obligation to annihilate all non-Islamists.  The liberals seem to be tolerant of all religions…except Christianity.

Of course the Christians in addition to opposing abortion are opposed to transgender medical procedures for children.  So am I.  This again is not a religion-based opinion: this is humanity-based opinion.

Naturally Christians are opposed to vulgar shows targeting children featuring transgender participants.   Again, a humanity issue.

And naturally Christians are opposed to women having to compete with transgender men.  Come on.  This is a…common sense issue.

What is the most odd thing about the transgender movement is that their every public move seems to be designed to make folks despise them.  Mission accomplished.

Mind your own business.  If you consider yourself to have a soul…tend to it.   Leave the Christians out of your foolishness.