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Coercion Versus Persuasion

John W. Pinkerton


When I heard that the Dems were “considering” demanding all Americans to mask up, I knew this “considering” would inevitably result in  “Mask up, America!”

How did I know?  That's an easy one---Dems are control freaks.  Dare I say it?  Little Marxists.  They love forcing people to do their will, and I suspect there may even be a sexual element to this affliction.

Frankly I have a visceral reaction to the concept of coercing  folks to do my will---not their own will.  Now, I taught high school English for twenty-five years and naturally I often forced kids to do what I wanted them to do---not what they wanted to do---maybe with a mean look or a trip to the bench outside my classroom or a trip to the principal's office.  I didn't like doing it, but it was part of my job, but it's one of my least favorite things to do.

I certainly don't object to advising folks about what my lifetime of experience informs me is wise advice, and I share it readily, but take it or leave it: it's your choice.  Frankly, I could care less what other folks do as long as they don't impinge on my rights or safety.  In other words, I like my folks to be free range.

I think that my reluctance to force my opinions on others is probably the reason I can never be a Democrat, certainly not the party in its present configuration.

The present day Dems' defining modus operandi is their willingness to coerce folks who disagree with them---not persuade them---force them.

There are numerous examples of the Dems trying to force their views on all Americans…particularly those pesky conservatives.

“Global warming” or “climate change” is a wonderful example.  They have decided that we must stop using fossil fuels.  Now, conservatives seem to think that all fuels are fine, but not the Dems.

In order to force their view on their fellow citizens, they approve of Biden's executive order canceling the pipeline from Canada which would give us energy independence and cheaper gas prices.  It makes no sense but it allows the Dems to force their will on the citizens.  Oh, happy day.  I think a lot of Dems had orgasms when they heard this news.  Next the Dems will mandate electric cars.  Conservatives have no objections to electric cars, but first they would like them to be more competitively priced.

Another example is free speech.  Although guaranteed by the Constitution, the Dems don't like free speech.  The Federal government through proxies such as Facebook and Twitter are pretty much blocking opinions with which they do not agree…or like.  Think “Hunter Biden,” “Wuhan,” and, Gawd forbid any mention of “voter fraud” in the 2020 election.

I noticed pretty quickly that I was frequently unfriended by folks who didn't care for my opinions…opinions, just that…opinions backed up by facts unlike the Dems' opinions which are supported by wishful thinking.

I'm a big supporter of debate and persuasion---not coersion.