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Covid and Common Sense

John W. Pinkerton


I don't have thousands gathering data on the Covid Pandemic for me to filter through and form opinions.  I have a staff of one, me.  Unlike Dr. Fauci, I have no political bent to influence my opinions in this matter.  However, I do have common sense and the best interest of myself and my fellow Americans at heart.

Frankly, Trump left the Dems a birdnest on the ground with the Covid vaccine.  All they had to do was distribute the vaccine and convince folks they should accept it.

They began screwing that prospect up way before they were elected by declaring that they would never trust a vaccine developed under a Trump administration---totally irrational, but effectively discouraging many folks from seeking the vaccine.

The ever changing message from the “authorities” and talking heads has further diminished the acceptance of the vaccines: “Wear a mask!”  “Don’t Wear a mask!”  “Wear three masks!”

We all have known for years the flu vaccines can cause some of us to develop mild cases of flu, yet the medical profession kept lecturing us that this was impossible.  Well, all we had and have is anecdotal evidence, and we do know damn well this can and does happen.

Black folks should be a  little wary of anything sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: after all they were the sponsors of the 1932 study “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.”  If you're Black, you surely know about this, and if it doesn't exactly instill confidence in your best interest by the Federal government, that’s understandable.

If you're Hispanic, you're watching thousands cross our southern border with little regard for Covid by the Federal government in effect telling everyone, “The disease isn't serious.  Come on in.”

A lot of folks just resent the current President not being willing to give the past President credit for his part in the development of the vaccine.

A lot of folks don't like being threatened by the governments and are resistant to being forced to take the vaccine.  That's a natural American reaction.

Screw those folks.  Let's think for ourselves.

The decision for us, Linda and myself, was easy: we're old and were told that old folks had a pretty good chance of dying if they developed the disease.  A good friend of mine lost his father due to Covid and the incompetence of a nursing home. Also, I felt a very personal loss of a long-time female friend and co-worker.  Naturally we got the vaccine.  My attitude was, “If I develop Covid, I'll need to sit on the porch of the local funeral home so my demise will be convenient for everyone.”

Not everyone is as old as Linda and I.  The decision for many folks I understand has some real plusses and minuses.

Something you don't hear much about are the poor reactions some folks have had to the vaccines themselves.  I have a friend whose wife developed a serious medical reaction resulting from the vaccine which has required numerous blood transfusions and the problem is still unresolved.  I know this is only anecdotal evidence, but the doctor involved in her case has testified that it is one of several that he knows of.

When Linda and I agreed to being injected (twice) with the vaccine, we knew we were taking a risk that it might result in something worse than Covid.  We did develop the equivalent of bad colds for a couple of days: however, we felt it was worth the risk.

Okay, screw all the “expert” folks.  Let's depend on our common sense.

My common sense tells me that whether to accept the vaccine or not is a personal decision---just as to mask or not mask our kids in school is a personal parental decision.  My common sense tells me that if I'm old, I'd be a fool not to take the vaccine.  If you’re young, quit worrying about death on a personal level, but it's probably wise to take the vaccines for your sake and the sake of others.  If you are middle-aged, well, after consulting with your doctor---not Dr. Fauci, not the CDC, not Joe Biden---make a decision.

This is still America: make your decisions based on common sense.