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I met David and his wife Sandra at the second day of his SEAD show, The Naure of Suggestion, in Bryan, Texas.  We, my wife Linda and our friend John Grant, were there early and there were not many folks around.  We had plenty of time to talk with David and his wife.  I immediately liked both of them.  His art is exciting, and he and his wife are both quality people.   David, I suspect, doesn’t fully realize how good his art is.


“My travels as a billboard pictorial artist allowed me to observe the ever changing landscape. The way the colors of a landscape would vary from sunrise to sunset. Fleeting clouds would cast the land in cool shadow. Clouds would sometimes group together and settle in a valley or skim a mountaintop. All of these different atmospheres create direct emotional powers of their own.
“I simply rely on memory, imagination and intuitive senses as reference to capture an impression of a landscape. The emotions that a landscape creates is my inspiration for what and how I paint.

“The process begins with several colorful gestured brush stokes from my limited palette of five colors. Working quickly I add random splashes of color onto the surface of the painting allowing the paints to flow and mix together. At this point the piece appears uncontrolled, almost abstract. I then rely on my imagination and intuition to determine the direction the painting will take. This is when I decide what needs to be removed, added, scraped, blended or softened to guide the piece to completion.

“My painting style gives my artwork a suggestive quality. I invite the viewer to use their imagination. A long stroke of blue violet in a background may be perceived as a line of trees. A soft blend of color might suggest a meadow or a vista of water. I strive to portray the essence of unspoiled land and to create a scene as intimate and personal to the viewer as possible.”



David’s Galleries Past and Present:

The Gallery at Round Top, Round Top, TX

The Frame Gallery, Bryan, TX

Elizabeth Edwards Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA
Peninsula Gallery Lewes, DE
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rental Gallery, PA
Studio Gallery 234, York, PA
William Ris Galleries, Stone Harbor, NJ 

David’s Exhibitions:

SEAD Gallery, The Nautre of Suggestion, Solo Show, Bryan, TX, 2013
2nd Place, Non-Objective Category, 51st LSAG Art Exhibit, The Woodlands, TX, 2013
1st Place & People’s Choice, Digital Art, BVAL Judged Exhibit, Brazos, TX, 2013
1st Place, Non-Objective Category, BVAL Judged Exhibit, Brazos, TX, 2013
Honorable Mention, Non-Objective Category, BVAL Judged Exhibit, Brazos, TX, 2013
Whitaker Center, Solo Show, Harrisburg, PA, 2010
Featured Artist, Yorkfest, York, PA, 2010
27th Open Juried Exhibition, York Art Association, York, PA, 2007
Studio Gallery 234 Three Person Exhibition, York, PA, 2006
1st Place, Landis Woods Outdoor Art Show, Lancaster, PA, 2004
2nd Place Oil/Acrylics, Lititz Outdoor Art Show, Lititz, PA, 2004
1st Place Oil/Acrylics, Lititz Outdoor Art Show, Lititz, PA, 2003
William Ris Galleries, Exhibition, Harrisburg, PA, 2000
Award of Excellence, Yorkfest Juried Exhibition, York, PA, 2000
Five Artist Exhibition, Art Association of Harrisburg, PA, 1999
Riverwalk Arts Festival Juried Exhibition, Harrisburg, PA, 1998
Honorable Mention, The Rottler Selection Exhibit, York, PA, 1998
27th Open Juried Exhibition, York Art Association, York, PA, 1997
1st Place Oil/Acrylics, Lititz Outdoor Art Show, Lititz, PA, 1997
Tangerine Fine Arts, Exhibition, Harrisburg, PA, 1996
Blue Ribbon, Riverwalk Arts Festival Juried Exhibition, York, PA, 1996
29th Juried Exhibition, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA, 1996
1st Place Oil/Acrylics, Lititz Outdoor Art Show, Lititz, PA, 1996
William Ris Galleries, Solo Show, Harrisburg, PA, 1996
Penn State York, Solo Show, York, PA, 1996
The Gallery at 96 South George, Solo Show, York, PA, 1995
William Ris Galleries, Exhibition, Harrisburg, PA, 1995

Art Education:

York Academy of Arts, 1978

David’s Update:

David presently has a show at SEAD in Bryan, Texas.  The show, The Nature of Suggestion, will run through November 29.

Suggestive Landscapes




Keeping the paintings “void of detail” helps to abstract the landscape. When this is achieved the viewer finishes the piece the way they see it. I am sometimes reluctant to name the paintings because the name may influence the viewer to view the piece toward the suggested name.


Looking Over

Before Night

Last September

Valley Fauna


Digital Abstractions



These pieces are a combination of scanned gesture strokes, scrapes, scratches, drips and smears of paint and graphite. Using these different elements in different combinations gives the abstract results I am looking to create. The finished pieces are then reproduced using solvent based printers onto photo paper and canvas media.

Graphic Designs

I focus my interest and combine my knowledge of graphic design and professional artist background to design, utilizing Adobe CS design programs, to create effective advertising and signage to the business community.

Painted Billboards



I started in the outdoor advertising industry before digital technology and, yes, we actually once painted those huge 14’x48’ billboards by hand. The time it took to complete was, on average, was around three days. Working in Pennsylvania I painted billboards inside and often outside where the weather was not always ideal.

Most of the painters are long gone now or have moved on to other things to make a living---so much craftsmanship and ability. I was pretty good, but there were guys who were downright amazing. People loved coming into the shop to see what was going on. You really haven’t experienced a billboard until you stand next to one and realize just how big they are.

Below is one of the billboards I painted a number of years ago. Yes, that is me in front of the billboard.