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Dreams Really Do Come True

Jan 2020

by Michael O’Brien

In the car yesterday I heard a piece of a song lyric, “Dreams really do come true,” and it stuck in my head. I started thinking about it.

My early days here in Texas were pretty stressful, a new place, a reset in life and finance, not knowing people, things that would weigh heavily on a person’s spirit. At those times in life, it is difficult to think of a dream life; maybe it’s frivolous to have dreams at those times; I don’t remember them all that well.

But I look at my life now, and I think I’ve always had dreams. Not bass boats or a fancy car, but simple dreams. Dreams that had been out of reach for most of my adult life.

It is a wonderful feeling to have someone welcome me home, a wonderful feeling to have my daughters and the one who holds my heart in my life so I can say “Love you” at the end of a phone call and when leaving the house. It’s simple, might be seen as silly by some, but for many many years I didn’t have that.

Now I do. I have lived that dream daily for about ten years now. I get distracted by the little things in life sometimes, but don’t forget to say the words.

I am more now that the one who holds my heart is with me in life than I was before. I know the saying, “You don’t need another person in your life to complete you,” and I agree with that; but there is “complete” and there is “more complete,” and because of the love we have, the trust I have in her, I believe I am more and am thankful for that every day.