I'm not a writer, I have written some technical reports, lots of business documents, both as part of my life as an architect and teacher, but I don't write as writers do.

“I respect good writing, Eliott's Four Quartets is in my mind most days, its admonition from "East Coker" to do the things you've never done to do the thing you've dreamed of is something I think of regularly. But I know Eliott, like most writers works with a discipline, and a deep knowledge of language and its simultaneous accuracy and vaugness to make points that have the potential to be one thing and another. Its quite amazing. Mom used to read "The Cremation of Sam McGee" to us every now and then, I remember being amazed at how much it seemed like a story, a poem, and a song all at once. That struck me as the work of a writer.

“My writing, The Journey to the American West is simply a series of short notes about life all around triggered by memories, news, and random events like watching someone hold a door open for a stranger. I write mostly to keep my sisters in the midwest informed that I have not been eaten by snakes, run over by monster trucks, or perished while walking across the vast parking deserts while here in Texas. That's about all there is to it, I sometimes get a bit lost in what I write, not knowing how to get from where I am in a story to where a storyteller needs to be but somehow I find a way to end the writing.

“Other people have found the blog (http://mjobrien.com/blog/) too, students who've enjoyed memories of teachers who've passed on and share their own stories, loved ones who appreciate seeing the impact of their recently passed on life all around them, and others here in Texas and around the world who read the blog for who knows what reason.

“I've slowed down on my writing a bit, work gets busy this time of year and its hard to find time to reflect.

“But with John's encouragement I'll keep at it!”


1  On Pride and Love

2  Belated Blog from Bishop-Favro

3  Notes on Turning 60

4  One Less Pillar

5  Father’s Day

6  Vacationing and Home

  7     Conversation below the Astral Plane

8     Seams

9    Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

10    Fall Is on the Horizon

11    Thinking Inside the Box

12    Life Story

13    The New Year

14    Spring and Such

15    Spring

16   Overhaulin

17   Yesterday’s Painting

18   How Does It Happen?

19   Just Saying

20   Thinking of Sleep

21   Friday

22   Creative Motherhood: Remembering Creative Motherhood

23  The Hero Season

24    ...Without Saying Goodbye

25  Losing a Companion

26  Resolving and Relevance

27  Retiring Partners

28    The Tablet of Your Heart

29   No Day Like Today

30     Sunrise and Liturgical Axis:

Memory and Holiday

31     The Last Lecture

32    Mr. Greer

33    When You Get to the Fork in the Road...Take It

34    Life Comes to Brook Hollow

35     two eggs over easy

36     Christmastime Is Here

37     Lyrics

38     Life, Lives, and Living

39     the shortest day...the longest night

40    ...People Come into Our Lives...

41    Wanting to Be There

42   Long Shadows and Fire

43   Racing the Sun

44   Heroes and Angels

45   Fall Husks

46   A New School Year

47   A Place for Eternity

48   Suite for Cello No. 1 in G Major

49   Another New School Year

50   Daybreak

51   Remembering

52   Attics and Birdcalls

53   Eight Years Ago This Morning I Went Home Sick

54   Talisman

55   Mid-Spring and Memories

56   A Few Rememberances of Emily

57   Just Sayings

58   Shells and Such

59   Pitchers and Catchers

60   Friday

61   Remembering Lonnie

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