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Dumb Aliens

John W. Pinkerton


I love to watch the TV program Ancient Aliens which presents arguments for aliens visiting the earth in the past and in the present.  Some of the evidence seems pretty convincing.  The production qualities of the shows are excellent.  There are other programs which promote the idea of our being visited by aliens, but Ancient Aliens is undoubtedly the best of these.

The show argues that aliens gave man plans for the pyramids which appear around the earth, that aliens mated with human women producing giant offsprings (not once is there a mention of the possibility that female aliens mated with human men),  that they caused man to build the giant figures of Easter Island,  that they caused man to move tons and tons of huge rocks to form structures or patterns, that they caused man to scratch lines on the earth which can only be seen in their totality from the sky, that they had battles with each other above India employing weapons of mass destruction, and many other bizarre proposals.

Throughout all of these proposals is an unstated but implied idea that the aliens are very, very smart.  Maybe, maybe not.

Let's examine the Annanaki, the giant aliens of Persia.  According to the ancient literature,  they came to earth to mine gold which they needed for a patch to their native planet's atmosphere.  Not wanting to do the work of mining themselves, they experimented with the genetics of various animals which resulted in some pretty monstrous hybrids.  They apparently settled on the closest animal to themselves and upgraded its genetics creating homo sapiens so that it would be a proper miner.

Okay, whom do you choose to leave your planet to mine gold on a distant planet?  Not the best and brightest I suspect.  Ask yourself if that is an assignment you would like.  They arrive, do a little digging, and their lazy nature cuts in: they look around for a ready worker.  Being that none seemed available, they try to genetically mate eagles with lions, birds with fish, and other bizarre combinations which produced some pretty interesting hyrogliphics but no decent workers.  In the meantime, primitive man kept raising his collective hand saying, “Me, me, me!”  Frustrated by the stupidity of past efforts, the head man gives the okay to upgrade man.  “Okay, mix our genes with the beasts, but don't make them too smart…and, by the way quit screwing their women: these giants are a pain in the ass.”

As it was spoken, it was done…sort of.  The Annanaki got their gold and were out of here.  Man was left with a better brain (probably better than the Annanaki intended), some new knowledge, no help, and went on to be some of the biggest assholes on earth.

Obviously, the Annanaki had some pretty advanced technology,  but eagles and lions, really.  Having advanced technology doesn't necessarily make you smart.  Just think about how many dumb people have smart phones.

If aliens decided to create modern man, they did it wholesale creating the Caucasians, the Negroids, and the Asians.  Then man himself threw in a bazzilion languages and dialects.  Yeah that will work…but for whom?  This doesn't seem to be a very good plan unless you just wanted to see what happens.  You know---just screwing around.

Let's move on to today.  In the last century we've begun to notice a lot of unknown things flying around in the sky.  We're also beginning to notice folks being taken away on alien ships to be later returned---and quit cutting up our cows.  Now, why they would need cow parts is beyond me unless they're planning to create a four hooved man.  That will make texting tough.

Flying over our heads and occasionally bumping into one of our aircraft is one thing, but crashing their crafts and killing themselves or making possible their capture is a whole other story.  All that technology used to travel millions of miles and you still manage to crash your crafts into fields in New Mexico and windmills in Texas.

This does not speak to great intelligence.  This speaks to technology which has gotten well beyond their intelligence.  Once again, smart phones---dumb people (aliens).

The folks on Ancient Aliens don't seem to have a clue what the aliens are up to---are they friends or foes?  And there seems to be a variety of aliens which makes the question even more difficult---Greys, Nordic Aliens, Pleladian Aliens, Andromedan Aliens, Reptilians, Alpha Draconians, Sirians, Annunaki Aliens, Arcturian Aliens, and, of course, Little Green Men.

I'd like to propose a third possibility---aliens are stupid.  We must concede their technological superiority, but maybe just as individuals they are no smarter than we are.  That ought to keep you awake at night.