E + R = O


Marc Lockard



This is the most powerful equation in the universe!  Used properly and consistently, this equation can completely change your life and the lives of those around you and that is a fact, not speculation.  I would like to tell you I put this equation together but I read about this many years ago, and I know it works.  Applying the equation is easy and when applied it always works; the hard part is having the courage to trust the equation.   So here is the equation: 

             the Event + your Reaction to the event = the Outcome of the event

You do not have much, if any, control over the Events that happen in your life, but you always have total control over your Reactions to the events, and thus you can control the Outcomes. 

Now you are probably thinking,  “Marc, you’re crazy!”  and you would not be the first person to claim that about me, but let’s focus on the equation.

It is a fact that Events do affect our lives, particularly horrific events that happen to you or your famil,y but how any event affects our life is totally driven by our Reaction to the Event.  People simply can’t make us happy or sad, our bosses can’t put us under pressure, and traffic does not drive us to outrage.   It is our reaction to all these events that actually cause us stress!

To test this equation, consciously keep track of the events, your reactions to them and the outcome for a  week.  Then, seriously analyze each event and see if you don’t agree that you could, and that in fact you did, shape the outcome the event had on you by your reaction to the event.  Once you are a believer in the theory, you can begin to shape your life by adjusting your reaction to each event as it occurs.  The best outcome will be achieved if you think before you react!

The adage that you fight fire, with fire, is simply bad advice.  When you do that, everyone gets burned, and the situation usually goes from bad to worse.   I have found, although I will admit that I don’t always follow my own advice, that it is much better to fight fire with water and a great deal of respect, than fire. 

Trust me, you can make your life different (and hopefully better) by applying  the above equation constantly.   Learn to use what you know from the equation, and choose your reaction to the event carefully to get the results you want.  Do it often enough, and it will become a positive habit and one that will give you positive results every time.

After you master the use of this equation, you will find that you can in fact “reap what you sow!”


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