I was born on November 5, 1949 in Brenham, Texas. I attended Somerville public schools and graduated fourth in my high school class but did not graduate in the top 10% of my class (23 graduates).  Mr. Pinkerton was my favorite English teacher.

Next to my parents. the most influential person in my life, before my wife, was Mr. Jimmy Schoppe because he always believed in me and gave me many, many opportunities to succeed.  He also endured a lot of my failures but never chastised me for the failures; he let me learn from them and helped me build self-confidence.

I got involved in shortwave listening and became absolutely fascinated with the concept of being able to speak to other people in distant locations without the use of wires.  It was this early fascination with wireless communication that led me to my career in telecommunications.

The most positive and singularly the most important event in my life was meeting and marrying Sue Ann Simmons.  We were married on August 8, 1970.  We met in 1967 when she moved to Somerville.  She is the oldest of six children born to Robert and Mavis Simmons.

Sue Ann and I have three incredible children: Jim, Melissa, and Lauren, who all, in some fashion, are part of our business, which we founded in 1984. 


I believe that you need to set priorities around things that really matter like family, friends and relationships.  Work and career are important, but they can be replaced: families cannot!

I believe you should choose a career that you enjoy and that you can have fun doing.   If you don't have fun doing it, you should find another profession. 

I believe that success is a journey, not a destination.  You don't become successful, you live successfully!  

I believe that success is not measured by the amount of money you have, but by the positive difference you make in people’s lives!

I believe that contrary to what you may have heard, no one owes you anything!




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