“I Wonder Wonder Wonder , Who . . . “

Marc Lockard



A popular song in the late 50’s and early 60’s by The Monotones, written by three members of the group, Warren Davis, George Malone and Charles Patrick, wonders “Who Wrote the Book of Love.”  Unlike The Monotones, I don’t wonder about the “book of love” but I do “wonder” about a number of things!   My wonder lust changes from time to time, but recently I have been wondering . . .

Who is in charge of monitoring world temperatures and spreading the rumor that we are all “going to hell in a handbasket” because of global warming caused by our lifestyles. 

I can’t seem to figure this out; first, just how can people proclaim the world is hotter now than it has ever been?  First of all, where are those temperature sensors, and how do we know they are in the right places?   Secondly, the world is a pretty old place; I am pretty sure it’s been around longer than men and women have inhabited it, and it certainly has been around longer than men and women have been jotting down temperatures.  Has someone found a stash of stone tablets chronicling temperatures at thousands of places that no one knows about?  What made the Stone Age dudes decide, “Hey, I better log the temperature every 30 minutes ‘cause we are ruining this plant!”

Add to that the fact that the first thermometer, according to the internet, was not invented until 1708, and the accuracy was, oh, say +/- a couple of degrees depending on the eyesite of the individual reading it at the time. 

So I wonder how does anyone know, even with a reasonable doubt, let alone for a fact, that the world is headed for Armageddon by fire and that it all seems to be America’s fault?  I also wonder how if we stop using fossil fuels by living in the dark, walking wherever we go, using only ½ of a sheet of toilet paper every time we poop, and paying higher taxes the planet might survive more than a few thousand years longer.   And I wonder what the story will be in 50 years; will we be worried about global cooling and the next ice age?  Hmm!  

I wonder why entertainers, those in the media, politicians, pundits of all ilk, and those who bitch continuously about America just don’t get the hell out of the country? 

I hear these geniuses talking about how far America is behind the rest of the world; how enlightened the Europeans are; how socialism is the perfect economic system, and how America’s healthcare is so lousy.  But I haven’t seen any of them renouncing their citizenship, packing their corporate jets, and flying off to Cuba, Europe, Latin America, or anywhere else.  Hell, we can’t even get that European immigrant puke Piers Morgan to leave, and he seems very agitated about gun control.  He keeps threatening to leave; I keep hoping, but alas he is still living large off of the American system he seems to revile. 

I guess I am just an old fashioned, patriotic, flag waving love-it-and-help-make-it-better-or-leave-it kind of guy! But then I am a child of the “Greatest Generation!”

I wonder if the libs who so willingly voted for and passed a bill that had been written to fundamentally revamp and likely severely damage, if not destroy, the finest healthcare system in the world have even a twinge of doubt, regret, or guilt?

My conclusion is that no, they don’t.  The few liberals I know and try to discuss this with simply stick to the script of the Obama administration or start calling me names and cursing at me for asking them.  I believe the politicians, of course, have no remorse at all.  I believe everything they do and every vote they make is driven by their desire to keep themselves in power, regardless of consequences for the country and its citizens. 

But who knows, maybe we are “going to hell in a handbasket!”


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