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Election Year

Corky Cummings


My knowledge of politics is limited so I try to stay away from conversations related to the subject  to avoid showing my ignorance. However, I do read about and watch some of what is going on with the upcoming Presidential election, so I have some thoughts about what I have noticed so far. 

Every candidate is going to make a significant change for the American people if elected, which I think has been the case since I have been alive. My memory is not what it used to be, but I don’t know that I have ever been in a better position following any President’s election than I was for their predecessor. I am one of the normal middle class people who is always supposed to benefit with a new President, but my life has been pretty consistent, so I discount any platform related to a change in my individual status. 

The Democrats seem to have a position that there is plenty of money for everybody so why should anyone have to work. Let’s just give out free medical assistance, forgive student loans, and raise the minimum wage (for the few who choose to work).  I guess the thought process is if the government runs out of money, we’ll just print some more.

These never ending commercials for Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer have gotten to a point where they are exhausting. It doesn’t appear that either of them will run out of money so some poll needs to issue a wakeup call and indicate they have no chance of winning the nomination so I can see regular illness-related TV ads again. 

I have seen a portion of the Democratic debates because that’s about all I can stand to watch. One common topic all of the candidates share is a vivid knowledge of statistics related to any number of subjects they may have been involved in. Their recollection of unemployment or crime rates, dollars spent on military spending, housing starts in the midwest, etc. are amazing. No matter which particular statistic is being discussed, it always improved under their leadership. 

The fact that all of the candidates have humble backgrounds (with the exception of Bloomberg and Trump) and are descendants of immigrants who came to America seeking the dream is very impressive. It is also touching when a candidate talks of an experience they had with an Iowa farmer who lost all of his crops due to insufficient funding and now his 4 minority children will never be able to attend college. How can you not vote for someone who is so connected to the “little” people and will make sure that this never happens again? Do people really buy into this enough to determine how they vote? 

Our next door neighbors are staunch Democrats and will absolutely be devastated if Trump is re-elected. If Osama Bin Laden was alive and a Democratic candidate, he would get their vote.

I don’t get excited about any of the candidates and I still hold firm to my belief that every four years the old bums should be thrown out and some new bums elected.