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Get Smart

John W. Pinkerton


I like smart folks.

One reason I like smart folks is that I've found these folks seem to have the best sense of humor.

I made the assumption that my observation was my observation and mine alone.  “Not so fast, assumption breath.”

When I went to the internet to see if I could find if anyone else had given the thought of the relationship between intelligence and humor any consideration---well, I quickly discovered that my observation was not mine alone.

It turns out that a sense of humor requires both cognitive and emotional abilities to process and produce humor.  In other words, the smarter you are and the more balanced you are emotionally the more likely you are to appreciate and create humor.    By the way, if you like dark humor, you may be very smart.

“My grief counselor died. He was so good, I don't even care.”  Did you laugh?

How about this one? “My husband left a note on the fridge that said, 'This isn't working.' I'm not sure what he's talking about. I opened the fridge door and it's working fine!”

Another fact which didn't surprise me is that humor is a wonderful coping device.  It helps folks manage stress and adversity.  You may be surprised to know I invented this.

Well, okay, maybe I didn't invent it, but I think I perfected it.  I don't seem to worry much.  Truthfully almost never.  Well, never.

I can't help myself: I feel compelled to pass this tidbit of information on to the men who may stumble upon this essay: the funnier you are, the more likely you are to score with Suzie Q.   So get smarter and funnier.