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Globes and Common Sense

John W. Pinkerton


I suspect that common sense started disappearing with the disappearance of globes in our classrooms.

Now, as to why they disappeared, I'm uncertain.  I suspect that they began to disappear when the European countries started withdrawing their colonial control of the world, particularly in Africa, and so many nations suddenly had new names.  Schools just couldn't afford to change globes to keep up-to-date on the changes.

I was offered a globe for my classroom when I was a teacher of English.  Being that I didn't teach history or geography, I didn't see its usefulness to my classes, and, in addition, it looked like a handy weapon to be tossed by students.  Just saying.

Unfortunately, the problem with not having globes available in the classroom has resulted in a lack of perspective about the world.  I contend that a brief perusal of the spherical representation of the planet we currently live upon, will lead one to some conclusions that contradict the current “global warming” or “climate change” alarmist.

Hmmm…the Earth seems to be covered by a lot of water.  71 percent: looked it up.

Well, that leaves 29 percent for land.  Not so fast: 10 percent of the globe is covered by ice.  Oops.  Now we're down to 19 percent of the Earth's surface to survive on and, of course, destroy.

Okay, okay: how much of the available land surface do we actually inhabit---about 10 percent.

Surely we dominate the animals running around on Earth:  sorry, we just account for .01% (That is one percent of one percent---for you who are a little slow in the math area---which includes me.) of the Earth's biomass (all living things).  The total animal kingdom including us is only 4.0%.  Bacteria accounts for 13%, and plants, mainly trees, accounts for 82% of the biomass.

What does all of this mean?  Well, if lil' ole man is destroying the climate, we're much more powerful than the “global warming” or “climate change” folks have been projecting, and we're obviously fighting way over our weight.

After examining a globe we might come to a new conclusion:  the size of man's ego has grown at a much faster rate than the actual extent of his power.