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God Hates a Straight Line

John W. Pinkerton


God, I think, hates a straight line.  I don't think that God is sloppy in his work and just unable to produce straight lines on a regular basis.   I wonder if he just finds them…objectionable. 

Now before going any further, I must address those know-it-alls who will point out with glee that a straight line is an impossibility.  “For there to be a true straight line, we would have to compress the tiniest form of matter into a straight line.”  Okay, you've had your moment.  Now, back to the practical world in which the rest of us live.

Now, straight lines do occur in nature but darn few: all I can come up with are the edges of crystals, the hinge of an ark shell, mica, a spider web when spiders suspend from it.

I first became aware of this phenomena when working on my house several years ago.  Although it's not critical, I found great difficulty rifling through the two by fours trying to find ones that were reasonably straight.  The same applies to other pieces of lumber.  Anytime that I accomplished a straight cut, at least to my eyes, it was a moment of joy.  No matter how good the saw or careful the carpenter, there always seemed to be a sight imperfection in the straightness of the line.

I'm not sure why God would hate the straight lines when we so need them.

When folks examining the earth from images produced by satellites, manmade construction is often identified by the fact that all or some of the outlines are straight.

Man needs straight lines.


Man, unlike God, finds the straight line useful.  It makes construction of everything from skyscrapers to the layout of football fields easier.

I've found that putting a slight curve in a line makes it less likely to be viewed as imperfect.  I applied this principle when working on our home.  When framing the windows, I curved the bottom of the framing.  It does camouflage a lot of construction sins.

The Lord doesn't seem to have as much objection to a level line.  That's great news for us mere mortals, because we too like things that are level: edifices, pictures, floors, etc.  With God's assistance, we've developed levels and transits to make this a real possibility.  As for the straight line, we're still working on that.

Maybe God just wanted to present us with a problem which with great effort we could solve.  I hope so.