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Good Angel/Bad Angel

John W. Pinkerton


I watched the smartest man in America, Victor Davis Hanson, the author of The Dying Citizen and The New Criterion, say that he was a little unsure of which to follow---his good angel or his bad angel.

I watched on C-SPAN Mr. Hanson advise Republicans on their best path forward in order to win back the House and Senate; then, prompted by an audience question, he wondered aloud what should be done about the Dems' bad behavior during their control of the House, Senate, and Presidency.

He said that the good angel told him to forgive and forget, but the bad angel said, “Screw it---punish their asses”---not his words but his meaning.  He said that he's leaning toward the advice of the bad angel not because that's his natural inclination but because the Dems won't learn to regret their trip into bad behavior without punishment.

Let's talk a little about the Dems' bad behavior---don't act as though you can't imagine what I'm talking about.  They formed a committee to investigate January 6 and assigned a couple of Rhinos in the place of the choices of the Republicans---that's a first.  Not exactly a fact-finding effort: more like a third attempt to impeach Trump.

They've arrested Trump people in the most public and humiliating ways to embarrass them.  They have used the justice department to punish their “enemies.”

The Dems started their bad behavior during the Trump administration.  They had a special investigation of Russia-Russia-Russia which lasted a couple of years knowing that none of it was true.  They made two attempts at impeaching the President on the flimsiest of grounds.  They lied about Supreme Court candidate Kavanaugh.   Their treatment of General Flynn was horrific and on and on.

Yeah, the Dems have a little payback coming, but not the use of the justice department or FBI or CIA to punish citizen enemies…this is third world behavior, but just enough punishment to make them squeal.  Perhaps a six-month moratorium on Democratic participation in all investigative committees…you know, the Biden family Mafia, January 6, Russia-Russia-Russia, and the 2020 election to name a few.