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Good Luck, Dems

John W. Pinkerton


Democrats seem to hate when I make comments on their present state. The least little suggestion that a position they've taken may be little off the mark is met by the response that I should refrain from ever writing again, to a series of the mother of all vile vulgarities, to the accusation that I am a racist. Unlike Queen Victoria, who claimed not to be amused, I confess: I am amused. One fellow keeps yelling at me to get off of his Facebook lawn. What a hoot!

I was a good old boy, a harmless old man dabbling in amusing essays and colorful little paintings before I became the poster child for evil.

Then something changed. Oh yeah, Trump was elected: the Democrats, if you have not noticed, seem to hate Trump. I think the reason has something to do with orange hair and poor dietary choices for championship teams. At any rate, I seem to have been swept up in their all-consuming hatred. Suddenly I was right up there with Stalin and Hitler and Boss Hogg.

I've concluded that the basic reason some folks don't like Trump is that he represents all that they have---in their wisdom---concluded that they are not.

They, apparently, think of themselves as superior people---people who want to save the world particularly from  racists, homophobics, xenophobics, misogynists, climate change deniers---all generally called deplorables or those who cling to their Bibles and guns.  Obviously a bad bunch of folks.

These same folks use plastic straws, call a manhole a manhole, don't think of recycling as a religion, believe walls are okay, and think a man should be judged by his character---not the color of his skin.

These folks even believe in the capitalist system---horrors.

I see a big win for President Trump in November.  Although I’m no Nostradomas,  I’ve known this immediately after the election of 2016 when there were destructive riots in the streets of America protesting the results of the election.  I would have thought that both parties would have denounced these, but no, only the Republicans denounced them.  The Democrats seemed to be fine with this behavior.  Oops, the die was cast.

Of course, since then the Dems have made asses of themselves on  a daily basis since the riots, but they’re holding their coalition together: the press, the Democrats, the Rhinos, the socialists, and the communists are still working together.  These folks are nose deep in the feces they have produced, but they keep claiming everything  smells just fine.  In the mean time, folks, like myself, are laughing at the greatest clown car show ever waiting our turn to once again make these misguided folks cry.

But enough about me and my sources of amusement.

The Dems will not change.  They have built a high horse so tall that down from which they can not descend. It is a horse built of epitaphs such as “racist,” “homophobic,” “sexist,” “immoral,” and others which are foreign to me all glued together by arrogance.

I would wish you Dems good luck, but you seem so close to the clouds, I don't believe you can hear me, but ya'll have a good day, ya hear now?