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Health Commercial?

Corky Cummings


I’m watching the evening news the other night, and a commercial comes on asking, “Have you recently been diagnosed with Mesothelioma?" I haven’t gotten an official confirmation, but since I’m 67 years old and haven’t seen a doctor in more than a week, I thought I'd better pay attention.

The spokesperson in the commercial says that if you have been diagnosed and would like to enjoy all the things that you used to like running in the park with your dog or talking to your grandchildren about COPD, you should try this revolutionary new drug called Flournhydroazide. Based on what I viewed from watching the people who were taking the medication, I would soon be smiling and acting like life is fun again.

Everything sounded real good until the end of the commercial when the spokesperson stated the possible side effects---blindness, diabetes, stomach ulcers, loss of hearing, appendicitis, early onset dementia, hypertension, neuropathy, Crohn’s disease, lower back pain, migraine headaches, internal bleeding, early death, and premature frostbite (if you live in Alaska). The spokesperson then advises you to ask your doctor if Flournhydroazide is right for you. After watching the commercial I’m thinking that if I ever contracted Mesothelioma it would probably be less painful without taking the medication than dealing with the possible side effects. I’ll let someone else walk my dog and my grandchildren don’t understand what COPD is anyway.