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I’m Very, Very Sorry...

John W. Pinkerton


You may know John Cena as the star of commercials for Experian---you know the ones with the purple cow.  After seeing the commercials, I learned that he is a wrestler and soon to be movie star.

One day I'm watching my TV and there he is speaking Mandarin.  Apparently he's apologizing to the Chinese people: “I'm very, very sorry about my mistake. I apologize, I apologize, I'm very sorry.”

My immediate question was, “What the heck did this fellow do or say that offended an entire nation?”  In an interview with a Taiwanese broadcaster to promote the new “Fast and Furious” film earlier this month, Cena, speaking Mandarin, said: “Taiwan is the first country that can watch F9.F9 is part of the Fast and Furious group of movies.

A quick history lesson: Chiang Kai-shek was the leader of China back in the late 40's when Mao and the Communists drove him and his military forces off of the mainland on to the island of Taiwan.

With a little help from the friends of Taiwan which included the United States, the Island was able to fend off the government of mainland China.

Let's get into our time machines and go back to October of 1960, the Nixon-Kennedy Presidential debates: Nixon was for militarily defending Taiwan; Kennedy was against it.

Fast forward to today.  About a month ago, China did a military flyover of Taiwan---just to remind them that they still claim the island.

Cena's big sin was that he called Taiwan a country.  The US has been calling it a country since the late 40's.

What the heck is going on here?

Do you remember President Trump saying that China was a problem for the US?  What I could not figure out was why big business didn't  like the negative talk about China.

It's really simple: it's about money for many big businesses.  They will eat a mile of feces to avoid offending the huge cash cow that they see China to be.  By the way, these same businessmen could care less about the American people.  Their attitude seems to be, “Give them enough stuff that they won't care what we do in China.”

Cena is probably not a bad guy: he's just a slave to Universal Pictures and all of the money people invested in the project.

Even Uncle Joe is invested in China, or perhaps I should say, China is invested in Uncle Joe.

This pro-China attitude also explains why the US government has assisted China in covering up the source of the coronavirus.

Unfortunately it seems that American business is so entangled with China, that, to put it crudely, we're China's bitch, and, by the way, Taiwan can now depend on not depending on any help from the US when China decides to put their stamp on Taiwan.