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Insults Are Us

John W. Pinkerton


Okay, folks, we need to talk.

Some of you seem to be truly concerned about “offensive” language.  Stop it.

It's hard for me to believe that folks really long to call a “manhole cover” a “person cover” just because “man” is part of the name and not the gender neutral “person.”

Some of the words the word-police consider to be offensive are just traditional words used for hundreds of years which we “all” agree on their definitions. 

Some words are labeled “offensive” because of their ancient history but have different context and meaning to folks today.  For example, “hysteria” was a medical term foolishly applied to a lot of sick women, but today it simply describes anyone who overreacts to a situation, or the word “moron” was originally a psychological diagnosis but has simply become an insult.

Speaking of insults…well, that's one of the most important uses of our language.  To paraphrase a movie line,  “Insults are Good.”

Folks when they are being boneheads need to be insulted.  The insult serves as a guidepost to more positive and useful behavior.

I accepted “insults” from my parents such as “dumbass” without resentment.  They were simply attempting to provide me with guidance.

As for you pronoun people, shut up.