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It’s My Birthday

John W. Pinkerton


It's my birthday today.  Today I'm 77…not ancient, but it doesn't miss it much.  Birthdays are weird.  I’ve had a few, and I don’t think much of them.  Sorry.

I guess I shouldn't complain about my birthday considering  my health problems for the last couple of years, but I will---aargh!  Enough said.

Well, what’s going on in the world around me on my birthday?  Today is the second day of the Masters.  I always equate the arrival of spring with the arrival of the Masters.  I haven't played for a couple of years…I miss it, but….  The Democrats and Republicans are awaiting the release of the Mueller Report.  Linda is off this morning to a funeral of a local lady who was loved by many.  Last evening Linda and I attended a meet-the-candidates event at the local Masonic Lodge.  Linda, who has served fifteen years on the local school board, is running for a position again this year.  I have little doubt that she will win again, but if she doesn't, the world will go on without interruption.  I expect my nephew, Josh, will drop by after school today.  Thanks to Josh for handling the drainings of my pleural cavity for over a year.  I found a post from Josh on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday:  “We kept you alive for another year so you can harass liberals.”  Speaking of liberals, I haven't spanked them much lately because they've been so busy spanking themselves…bless their hearts.

Believe it or not, I actually have plans for the “future”...and God laughed.

I’m hoping to make a comeback with my painting.  I've painted practically nothing for the last couple of months.  When I dropped my brush, I had 46 fairly large abstracts completed to go along with my 100 11x14s.  I need four more 32x32 abstract paintings.  I've got an eye out for a gallery that truly likes abstracts…particularly mine.

My biggest accomplishment lately has been the publication of my second book, Old Guy: I'm Still Here.  I'm going to announce its publication this Sunday, the 14th, the same day that I publish the April edition of Old Art Guy (oldartguy.com), my online magazine.  I like to give folks a chance to turn down the opportunity to purchase my books.  It’s only fair.

The last week of this month, I plan to deliver three paintings to The Frame Gallery in Bryan and three paintings to The Gallery at Round Top.  When I do, maybe they'll have payments for past paintings sold…maybe.

I just realized that I'm just listing my plans for the next couple of weeks.  Surely, I can do better than that.

Wisdom---I need to share the wisdom I've gained in the last 77 years.  Sorry.  I have none.  Well, maybe the wisdom my father shared with me about the simplicity of being a plumber, “Remember, son, shit flows down hill.”

Well, I guess what I gained from those words of wisdom is that life ain't too complicated.  Stick with the basics and don't mislead yourself into believing that you are someone you ain’t.  Wow, I got a lot out of those few words of advice.