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Justice and Outrage

Sherrine Moore


I will start by saying my sadness and outrage reaches far beyond the killing of George Floyd, but where was the cry for justice when Jeremy Mardis, a 6 year old non-speaking autistic boy was shot 5 times in the head by police?  There wasn’t.  He was white and the cops were black.

Or what about Tyshawn Lee; he was a 9 year old boy who was shot 7 times in the face by his father’s rival gang members?

And why isn’t Jamyla Bolden a household name?   She was a 9 year old girl, doing her homework on her mother’s bed when someone fired shots into her Ferguson home. 

Why wouldn’t a brutal murder of any kind cause the public to demand justice? 

Is police brutality only a hot button issue when the narrative fits a certain agenda?  Is the media given a signal from some sort of secret “Lives Matter Committee” to report a death, declare the lost life’s value, which is then signal for protesting and non-stop news  coverage.  Call me a simpleton, but it is NOT racist to believe or say that ALL LIVES MATTER.  BLACK LIVES.  WHITE LIVES.  BROWN LIVES.  LIVES OF ADULTS.  LIVES OF CHILDREN.   LIVES OF THE UNBORN.  Shouldn’t ALL LIFE be considered precious, not just the lives of those the media chooses to report?

I find it odd that just a few days ago, the message being played on constant repeat by the media was to stay home, social distance, wear a mask, practice hand hygiene and adjust to life with a “new normal.”  Those were the buzz words and hashtags, along with #TogetherAtHome.  We were discouraged from visiting parents, grandparents or nursing homes.  The situation was so dangerous, we were told we couldn’t work, attend church or send our children to school.  Our lives and freedom couldn’t be returned to “normal” until a vaccine was created.  And even with a vaccine, the situation was still going to be dangerous since we could have the virus, still contract the virus or spread the virus.

And then it seems like in a blink of an eye, the dangerous situation was no longer dangerous.  The “safe” thing to do would be to demand justice for a lost life.  The secret “Lives Matter Committee”signaled.  Protesters lined up.  Bricks were delivered and violence ensued, all in the name of justice.  Wanting justice for any murder is understandable, but violence and destruction isn’t justice.

It seems to me that there is a domino effect to this current way of demanding justice.   People claim to be seeking equality and justice but are themselves ignoring the rule of law, destroying property and harming others.  Due process and real justice is applying rules equally to all people.  So those individuals who have been harmed or had property destroyed will now want justice.  Do they too ignore the rule of law in the name of equality and justice?  If so, when does it end?

This path to “justice” has been orchestrated to destabilize our society. It creates the “need” for a police state with over reaching surveillance and tracking (all in the name of “safety”) with a complete lock down of our nation.    It’s almost like watching sheep being led to slaughter.  The “protesters” wreaking havoc are playing perfectly into the orchestrated plan.  If only people would search for truth instead of listening for buzz words, because what if those prodding the sheep are not shepherds but instead butchers who will stop at nothing to keep American’s divided and outraged….