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A little about myself, I am a faith based long–term care administrator who loves God first, then country, family, friends, and the folks I serve.  In my life’s work, I am called, and I cannot see myself ever retiring.  I have nearly 38 years of service, including many experiences on which to draw that are not reflected on my resume.  They have helped me to recognize life’s issues and go to work solving them, always trying to keep the ideal balance between what I believe and the rights of others.    As far as my relationship to people, then, I believe I am a decent human being. 

The first poem I ever wrote was as a senior in high school.  I seem to recall, we had a choice of writing three poems or a short story, and it just seemed easier to write the three poems.  The one I kept, “Inbetween,” is dated 1965.  The others were almost all written after I married and had grown children. 

My style is pretty straight-forward and there is not a lot of deeper meaning.  They were all written about myself or others close to me.



1    Magnificent Gain (Guest Poetry)

2    The Restorer (Guest Poetry)   

3    Morning Mist and the Promise of Eternity

4    Can You Believe This?

5    August Heat

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