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Magic Words

John W. Pinkerton


Liberals today use the word “racist” as a magical word which ends all debates with conservatives.  This would be comical if it were not so affective.

If a liberal is losing an argument with a conservative, they just exclaim their Alakazam word, “racist” which immediately puts the conservative on his back foot because racism has no relevance to the debate and the accused doesn’t care to be called a “racist.”

If the debate is about gun control and the liberal feels he or she is not doing well in the debate with a conservative, the liberal yells, “Racist!”  Debate over.  If the debate is about abortion and the pro choice advocate feels he or she is not doing well in the debate with a pro life supporter, the liberal yells, “Racist!”  Debate over.  If the debate is about the value of religion in the world and the legal rights of Christians, well, you know what’s coming:  “Racist!”  Debate over.

Today, conservatives still love to debate: it’s their nature.  Liberals seem to believe it is beneath their dignity to debate a conservative…humm.

Even if conservatives had their own magic word, they certainly would not use it to end debates.

Just for entertainment value of it, I’ve explored the possibilities of magical conservative words.

When I was a young fellow, just about the worst thing that anyone could be called was “trash,” particularly “white trash.”  I found a recent reference to some folks who expect things to come easy in life, are ignorant, and feels superior to others.

My goodness!  That sounds like the definition of our current lot of liberals.

Being that liberals come in all shades of human colors, I guess “white trash” is out as our magical word.  However, upon further research, I found other words which might serve as magic words: gimcrack, trashy merchandise, deadwooddreckriffraff,  and crud….  You might want to consider the word “liar.”

Considering that so much of the current liberal belief’s are so clearly communist beliefs,  perhaps “communist” could serve as the conservatives’ magic word.    Unfortunately, many liberals may accept this word as a compliment.

Although any of these words might serve as magical words to stun a liberal and win an argument, to me and to most conservatives they seem harsh and unnecessary means to win an argument.