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Music Trivia

Corky Cummings


For some reason I can remember lyrics to many of the songs that were popular in the 50’s and 60’s. When it comes to modern music I couldn’t tell you who or which songs are popular now. I think that many people in my age category think that the music we grew up with is the best. 

With apologies to Facebook, I put together a quiz of 10 questions to see if anyone can go back in time and remember some of the verses that were well-known way back when. There is no scoring system but I think if you get 8-10 of these right you may have the same knack of remembering nothing of importance like I do.

1. George Strait really wants to live in Texas but he can’t because all of his exes live there.        

    Where does he reside?

2. When The Bobby Fuller Four fought the law, who won?

3. Dion warns everyone they should avoid a girl because she runs around. What’s her name?

4. George Jones sings about a man who stopped loving a woman today. Why did he stop?

5. Martha Reeves asks “has high blood pressure got ahold on me or is this the way love’s 

    suppose to be?” What is she referring to?

6. Bob Seger doesn’t want to go to a disco because you’ll never get him out on the floor. What

    kind of music does he love?

7. James Brown sings that Poppa has gotten something brand new. What is it?

8. When a teenage boy’s car stalls on the railroad track, he pulls his girlfriend to safety, but she is killed when she runs back to the car. What did she go back to get?

9. The Beatles sang they didn’t care too much for money because it couldn’t buy them what?

10. Merle Haggard was trying to get over a woman by drinking but one night something let him

      down. What was it?