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My Show

John W. Pinkerton


Being that my basic philosophy is “Show up and see what happens,” it’s difficult to disappoint me.  The reception for my show, The Last Picture Show, didn’t even come close to disappointing me.

A few years ago, a gallery owner once asked me on opening night if the response to our show was “typical.”  I responded that there is no such thing as “typical” when it comes to shows.  It is what it is.

Well, I did show up and, fortunately, a lot of other folks also showed up.

I've always liked folks---even those who leave a lot to be desired, so almost anyone will do.  This group didn't fall into the less than desired category.

There were several artist friends---each one a better artist than I am.  We chatted and one even bought one of my paintings---undoubtedly a mercy purchase---which was much appreciated.  Not a single one of these artists is a weirdo, just normal folks with a bunch of talent.

Then there were several teaching and coaching friends that I worked with over twenty years ago.  This is a good bunch.  I think most are surprised that I've become an “artist” and…that I'm still alive.

A couple of my caregivers, health folks, showed up and hung around to look after my health.  I'm pretty sure I was the only one there with a health crew. Much appreciated.

Although Dary, the Russian gallery owner, and her husband have only been in the US for a few years, the Russians seemed well represented.

There was even a lady I had never met from my hometown of Pineville, Louisiana---small world.

There was a scattering of ex-students of mine, one who has become a teacher and children's books author.  He makes me think that maybe we weren't wasting our time at Somerville High School.

Some folks showed up apparently because they like my art…go figure.

The best compliment I received during the evening was from a little girl  who sat near me during the show who told me she loved my art.  I responded, because I'm a funny old man, “Me too.”

The show will continue through August 10.  I'll probably drop by occasionally looking for someone to talk to and, believe it or not, listen to.

Thanks to everyone who attended the show.