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PC---Not Personal Computer---Political Correct

Sherrine Moore


What constitutes common sense?  Has everyone reached the point of disillusionment?    It seems if you question absurdity, then you're ridiculed, which is completely asinine.


Everyday there is a new group claiming inequality.  New regulations and guidelines are then distributed in order to accommodate this new category of the offended.  Has anyone else become de-sensitized to it all?

Once assembled and established, the group is now part of a community I like to refer to as the “untouchables.”  Next, harmless words are then banned from our vocabulary, never to be said or written again.  These words are deemed politically incorrect, and new words and phrases take their place.  The new words, phrases and acronyms are dispatched to the masses; along with a hashtag (#), as our cue to begin using immediately. Forget what you know.  Forget what you have learned or ever thought.  Hit your memory delete button.  And just like that, it's a new word along with a new definition.

I seriously doubt Frosty the Snowman was ever intended to be anything other than a cute story and song about stacked snowballs with a corncob pipe and button nose, but today it would be known as Frosty the Snowperson.  And “How 'bout them Cowboys?”   Well they are no more.  They are now referred to as Cowpersons or Cowpeople.   My niece will start college next fall and is super excited about her freshman year; however, that is now on the list of politically incorrect words: now first year students should be referred to as Freshpersons.  It would be laughable if not true.

Our new reality is limiting self-expression and individuality.  Did you know that government workers in Seattle can't say the words “citizen” or “brown bag” because they both could be potentially offensive. A six-year-old girl in North Carolina wrote a poem about her grandfather and mentioned God and was told to remove the word.  You can be expelled from some schools for wearing a T-shirt with the American Flag.  School officials in some areas are reaching into students’ private lives to police behavior.  Playing with “invisible guns” is illegal, wearing jewelry with a cross can cause suspension, and heaven forbid you happen to live in a town named Gay Hill, Texas.  That could be a violation on certain websites when entering your address as the word gay is ALWAYS offensive.   Zero tolerance seems to be broad enough that no matter how innocent, anything can be scrutinized, analyzed and stored to be held against you at any time.

Political correctness is not just restricted to language.  It is past the point of just being respectful of others.  It is impossible to go through life and never have your feelings hurt no matter what an organized group tells us.  Boundaries are being blurred and things that have been clear are somehow now vague and confusing.

I wonder if this is all done for control, manipulation or to create conflict.  Saul Alinsky wrote that a reformation occurs when the masses of people have reached the point of disillusionment and are discontent with current values, and that a revolution wasn't possible with a reformation.  Hillary Clinton in her thesis said that a person should agitate to the point of conflict and that being an agitator was the route to power.  Are we there?---to the point of being silenced, where invisible things are illegal and our thoughts are policed.

If we now have “war on words” added with war on freedom, war on masculinity, war on feminism, war on restrooms, war on free speech, war on nutrition, war on education, and war on discrimination---who are we really at war with?

I think when liberties are lost, they probably won't return.

Just my thoughts.