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Problem Solved

John W. Pinkerton


In my continuing quest to understand the world and particularly liberals, I propose the following. 

Conservatives haven’t changed since World War II.  You could gather a 90 year old and a 21 year old conservative, and they would pretty much agree on all political matters.  They like things that make sense and proposals for change to be backed up by facts and…common sense.  They’re pretty much alike.

On the other hand, there are a lot of variations in liberals.

There’s the old fashioned liberals who also believe in facts and common sense with a fondness of government and sprinkling of kindness.  These folks are not sure if their side is winning or losing---just a little confused by their fellow “liberals.”

Then there is the arrogant liberal: somehow they got it into their pea brains that they are the new Don Quiotes.  He also jousted with windmills which he perceived as dragons in an attempt to save the world.  Well, if you are the saviors of the world, everyone else who is not fighting these same dragons must be evil---only they know the right route for the country.  They care nothing for facts, common sense, or morality: they can’t let these factors stand in the way of their mission.

Another group of liberals are the bureaucrats: the government is their bread and butter.  So…anything that makes the government more powerful, hunky-dorey.

Another group are the leeches.  Either through bad decisions or self-entitlement, they would rather suck at the tit of the government than work.  Of course they love big government.

Liberal politicians seem to be a particularly stupid bunch.  Reason and common sense are beyond them.  Power is all that their minds can grasp.

Of course there are small splinter groups: abortionists, tree huggers, the antigun bunch, open border folks,  and although they were never slaves, just can’t get over it.

All of these folks have been around forever…not in great numbers, but forever.  What’s different now?

Big businesses see themselves as citizens of the world.  The U.S. is just where they started and a place which will basically protect their interests.  To them the U.S. population is just a bunch of undereducated, under-skilled riffraff which need to be kept busy doing drugs, fighting each other, and consuming goods.

If they can redistribute wealth, the middle class will get screwed, and the underclass will be happy.  Problem solved.