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John W. Pinkerton


The current  crop of young folks  have done a great favor for folks my age: they've made us look like Rambos by comparison to their generations.

Folks from my generation didn't seem to mind working---even at menial jobs as long as they were paid for their efforts.  It seemed like a fair trade to us.  Many young folks today seem to think of work as an unnecessary burden.

My generation didn't question going to a certain place at a certain time where we were supervised by bosses or we were the bosses.  Young people today seem to believe that employers are cramping their style when asked to stop working from home and come into the office.  Intolerable!

Just ask Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, who told his employees that they must return to the office.   There seemed to be quite an uproar from the underlings.  I suspect that for Musk it was easier than simply saying, “You're fired.”

It's not only the work ethic that makes my generation look like Rambos.

Many young folks seem to be yearning for “clean” electric cars; whereas, my generation still drive gas-guzzling monsters that scare birds and frighten children, and we love it.

We used to have a draft---not football.  If called to serve, it was off to the army or air force or marines or navy…no questions.

If called on to shoot folks, we shot folks.  When one is young and bullet proof, being shot at ain't no big deal.

Most of us smoked cigarettes and drove cars without seat belts or airbags and enjoyed every minute.

Some of us even crapped in outhouses.  No big deal, but I guarantee none of us “pooped.”

Of course, we are not and were not Rambos, but thanks, youngsters, for putting us in a favorable light.

I do have a word of solace for the youngsters.   My generation also looked at the preceding generation, the Greatest Generation, as being Rambos, but our comparison was probably to John Wayne, not Rambo.

Our fathers seemed so much stronger and tougher, and one didn't want to start a fight with one of those guys.  The surviving members of the Greatest Generation probably won't whip your ass today, but they will instead surely dispatch you with a lead lesson.

By the way, that's true for my generation also.  So, good luck.