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Sad and Obvious Agenda

Sherrine Moore


Did you know that Sea Turtles are protected?  It’s true.  No person may take, harass, harm, pursue, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture or attempt to engage in any such conduct to marine turtles, nests and/or turtle eggs.  There are civil penalties up to $25,000, criminal penalties up to $100,000 and jail time.

Did you know that Bald & Golden Eagles are protected?  It’s true.  Protection includes, prohibiting the take, possession, sale, purchase, barter, offer to sale, purchase or barter, transport, export or import any Bald or Golden Eagle, alive or dead, including any part, nest or egg.  Felony conviction up to $250,000 with fines doubled for organizations.

The Endangered Species Act’s primary goal is to prevent the extinction of imperiled plant and animal life, and secondly, to recover and maintain those populations by removing or lessening threats to their survival.

Based on scientific data Congress amended law making “Critical Habitat” designation a mandatory requirement for all threatened and endangered species.  All federal agencies are prohibited from authorizing, funding or carrying out actions that “destroy or adversely modify” critical habitats.

Animal Cruelty Laws prohibit torturing of an animal, failing to provide food, care or shelter, abandoning an animal, transporting or confining an animal in a cruel manner, killing, seriously injuring or poisoning, causing an animal to fight, using an animal as a lure in a dog race, tripping a horse, injuring an animal belonging to another person and even overworking an animal.

After hearing the term embryonic pulsing being used in place of heartbeat, I started thinking about how animals, born and unborn, seem to have more protection than unborn children.  An unborn child having a heart and detectable heartbeat is NOT a matter of opinion.  Are people really this heartless?  Can changing the wording really dehumanize a baby in the womb or change the truth? 

To me it is sad and disturbing that journalists would be issued a Guidance Reminder by NPR reminding them to refrain from using the word heartbeat to describe the reverberations and activity in an unborn baby.  Make no mistake just because it is no longer called an unborn child or heartbeat by media morons, it is a life.  A life that in my humble opinion warrants every bit of protection if not more than sea turtles and bald eagles.

I would be willing to bet that if any of these idiots needed heart surgery, it could then be referred to as a heart, with 4 chambers needed to survive.   It would be the same beating heart, circulating blood throughout their cold body since day 26 of their development.

I suggest we declare the womb a “Critical Habitat” where all agencies are prohibited from carrying out actions that “destroy or adversely modify” the habitat of the unborn child.  How about The Endangered Unborn Child Act to maintain populations by removing or lessening threats to their survival?  What about Unborn Child Cruelty Laws prohibiting torture of an unborn child?  It says a lot about where we are as humans to know there would never be such Acts/Laws passed.

Just call me a beating heart simpleton….