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Sam Pittman when he’s not working as an educator is writing children’s book and maintaining a website which reviews children’s books,
Pittman’s Picks.

Sam’s book, Alligator Jazz, is a wonderful children’s book.

“Since early in elementary school, I knew I was a writer, and I've been penning stories and poems and more ever since!  I graduated from Somerville High School (Go Yeguas!) and Texas A&M University (Gig'em Aggies!), and I teach middle school language arts and volunteer my time as a track coach. Along with reading and writing, I enjoy watching sports, playing chess, watching good movies, listening to good music, brewing good tea, and gardening.

“And one day I may finally take that step into the world of beekeeping!”



1     Thank You, Mr. Falker

2     Read!  Read!  Read!

3     96 Miles

4     Through the Wardrobe: How C.S. Lewis Created Narnia

5    A Christmas Carol

6    William Still and His Freedom Stories: The Father of the Underground Railroad

7    The Prince and the Poison Cup

8   Southwest Sunrise

9  Watercress

10  We Dream of Space

11  My Papi Has a Motorcycle

12  The Sunset of Miss Olivia Wiggins

13  Moose’s Book Bus

14  Where Are We From?

15  The Oldest Student

16 Home Is a Window

17 The Adventures of Sparrowboy

18 And Then Comes Summer

19 In the Garden with Dr. Carver

20  The Impossible Mountain