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Some Thoughts

Mick Stratton


To take from another to give to the needy is not generosity, nor any other virtue.  It only counts when you give of yourself.

Conquering fear of the unknown goes a long way in the destruction of hatred.

Once you care more about truth than what others think, they begin to lose their hold on you.

Son, if you choose your wife because of the beauty of her soul, her beauty will never diminish.

It is easier to destroy your enemy with hate than his enmity with love; but which is better?

I have yet to meet anybody who can teach selfless love as well as a good dog.

As long as you blame others for your failures, you will never be truly free.

Showing respect to the powerful speaks to your intelligence.

Showing kindness to the powerless speaks to your soul.

When sensitivity to feelings becomes more important than truth, truth will disappear.

It is amazing the success people achieve when they realize that there will be personal consequences for failure.

Once you realize that your destiny is in your own hands, you are freed from the shackles placed on you by others.

It is easy to be nice to those you love. Try doing it to those you dislike. You might be surprised at the results.

How it must pain God to see the amount of hate created in the name of Love.

When you look into someone else’s eyes, try to see yourself. It goes a long way in creating love and understanding.

Beware of the man who wants to be treated differently by his superiors than he treats his subordinates.

Stop fretting over those who do not approve of you or your lifestyle. Odds are you don’t approve of them or theirs either.

Isn’t it ironic how many of us demand justice be served to others, but plead for mercy for ourselves.

Don’t look too hard for what you asked for; you might miss what you were given.

When I correct my children I often hear my parents laughing.

The more you are comfortable in your own skin the more you can allow for differences in others.

You cannot work on your weaknesses until you admit you have them.

Only death stops aging, but the constant pursuit of knowledge and wisdom retards it mightily.

Asking for answers is like fishing, sometimes nothing, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.

A child has faith in the seemingly impossible. Sometimes we should be more childlike.

Anyone who looks for happiness within himself will not find it.