Mick Stratton graduated from Texas A&M University in 1969.  In his four undergraduate years, he was in Squadron 2.  Mick received a Masters degree in Health and Kinesiology in 1970 and pursued a PhD.  He reached the level of ABD (all but dissertation) and stopped there. While he was working on his PhD, he owned a gymnastic school, Texas School of Physical Fitness, and worked at Texas A&M University as a lecturer.

While running the gymnastics school, he also had a summer day camp named Pioneer Village Day Camp.  He eventually sold his school and day camp and worked full time at Texas A&M University as a Senior Lecturer.

Mick over the years became a “Jack of All Trades” in Physical Activities, construction and Outdoor Education.  Some of the more interesting activities in Physical Education and Outdoor Education he taught include the following: gymnastics, fencing, scuba diving, primitive survival, modern survival, hunter safety, sailing, snow skiing, and handball.

He built his first house (a cabin) with a chain saw, hammer and nails.  It had a wood burning stove, indoor compost toilet (of his design), and kerosene lanterns for lights.  His future wife told him she would not marry him if he didn’t build her a “real house.” So he did, again with his own hands. It had everything she wanted: running water, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, a dishwasher and even a washing machine and dryer. Mick did everything himself except the foundation, sceptic system, and central air.

In his later years in the Health and Kinesiology Department, Mick taught Computer Technology and the Kinesiology Foundations courses where he stressed the history and philosophy of kinesiology.

Mick is now retired and spends his time either in town (Bryan, Texas) or on his several hundred acres outside of Caldwell. His hobbies include gun collecting, pistol shooting, knife throwing and writing. He also spends an inordinate amount of time flirting with young ladies who, surprisingly, still like him.

Mick has written and published a book named “Thoughts of a Morning Walker” book which can be bought at Amazon.com.   In the next several months he will be publishing on this site parts of that book. It consists of a series of an essay, “thoughts,” and a short story in a repeating pattern.



    1    The Accidental Cowboy

2    A Man and a Woman by Mick Stratton

3    Beginning of the Seasons

4    Brazos Valley Police Officers Fight Zombies

5    The Legend of the Blue Moon

6    The Sheriff, the Wolf and the Gunslinger (Part 1)

7   A Space Alien Predicts the Election


1    A Morning Walker

  2    On Katrina

3     Rite of Passage  

    4    On Diversity and Tolerance

      5    My Son’s Heritage

  6    On the Art, Science and Philosophy of Child Rearing  

  7     The Raven and the Wolf

8    Mom and Me

9    I Remember When

10    Love and Hate

11    Freedom vs. Slavery (Want vs. Need)  

12    Production, Wealth, Politicians, and Greed

13    Silly, Stupid and Insane Laws

15    The God Hypothesis

16   My Master Tells Me I’m Free   

17    America's Islamic Problem

18    Becoming an Informed Voter


Some Thoughts

Some Thoughts II

Some Thoughts III

Some Thoughts IV

Some Thoughts V

Some Thoughts VI

Some Thoughts VII

Some Thoughts VIII

Some Thoughts IX

Some Thoughts X

Some Thoughts XI

Some Thoughts XII

  Some Thoughts XIII  

   Some Thoughts XIV

   Some Thoughts XV

Some Thoughts XVI

Some Thoughts XVII

Some Thoughts XVIII

Some Thoughts XX

Some Thoughts XXI



    1    Vulpe

    2    Blaidd

   3    Lycos

4.Over the Cliff

5.The Merging  

     6    The Land of Corb Lupia

   7    Ravenwolf

   8    Unulrău

   9    Vulpe Redux

   10    Unulr_u Attacks Ravenwolf

  11    Louve and Corbser

12    Louve and Blaidd   

13       Ravenwolf and Louve

  14    Becoming Om Intelept

15    Unulrau Returns

16   Two as One

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