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Some Thoughts VIII

Mick Stratton


After he finished dwelling on how important he was, it occurred to him that there were over 5 thousand years of written history without him in it.

Don't try to impress me by telling me about your qualifications; impress me through your production.

Knowledge is measured by the degree of awareness and understanding of data. Wisdom is the ability to use it constructively.

A dream without great effort and persistence is rarely more than a dream.

If your choices consistently produce unexpected and nonproductive results, you might wish to re-evaluate that which you perceive as truth.

It's so easy to conceive a child, so hard to rear one.

If every person is evaluated as an individual, measured differences between race, group and sex will be of no consequence.

You truly become a winner when you learn to profit from your losses.

There is nothing wrong with re-inventing the wheel if it teaches you something in doing so.

Those who are proud of their ignorance will be happy to know it will continue.

You know you have arrived when you love life, but don't fear death.

Part of wisdom is realizing your ignorance.

The farmer saw Him in the soil, the physicist, in the stars, the biologist, in the cell and I, in the love my wife bestowed on our children.