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       Some Thoughts XVI

         Mick Stratton



You will not be judged on your gifts, but on what you did with them.

If you believe that your destiny is in your own hands, you will more likely be a winner.

Acting with love in our heart because of a desire to honor our God is praying; may we always be praying.

Always go by the decisions you believe to be right; but never forget you could be wrong.

Don’t put yourself in tempting situations if you don’t want to be tempted.

Unfortunately many in authority believe being perceived as right is more important than being is right.

Life will always have its ups and down; how you deal with them makes you who you are.

Parents who believe they are responsible for their children’s education tend to have educated children.

I gave my last dollar for the cause, and basked in my generosity. Then I heard of someone who gave his life and rediscovered humility.

Tell me again why slavery is wrong but it is OK for the majority to force the minority to give of their fruit.

Character is measured by the degree to which one can stand by his convictions during hardship.

Stand against perversity or flee from it, but never condone it.