Some Thoughts VI

Mick Stratton

Show me a person who has never failed and I will show you a person who has never truly been challenged.

Never confuse kindness, caring and love with giving, allowing, and excusing. By no means are they the same.

Make sure there is agreement of terms in any discussion; otherwise it is an effort in futility.

If you wait for perfection before you act, you never will.

It's easy to be tolerant about things you don't believe effect you.

Diversity, in itself, is not good. Otherwise we would be celebrating slavery, subjugation of women, and punishment of the innocent; for these are all diverse ways of life which is well to oppose.

Give to others according to their needs and demand from them according to their abilities and you will soon see much need and little ability.

In times of disaster, those who believe they are responsible for their own destiny tend to do well; those who believe it is their right to be cared for by others do not.

Defend what is yours with determination, not hate.

If you don't hold those with minority views responsible for their behavior, why do you hold the majority responsible for theirs?

Loving your neighbor means treating him as you wish to be treated, not to stunt his growth by always excusing his failures or solving his problems.

The more one depends on others for his successes, the less successful he tends to be.

To demand others to do for you what you are not capable of yourself shows both arrogance and ingratitude.

Glorifying in the grandness of nature is honoring its Creator.

A spiral of darkness awaits those who never look outward.

Teach your child to appreciate solitude and he will never be bored.

Times of disaster allow us to learn of our mettle, understand what true need is, and affirm what is truly important in life.

Creating dependency is not an act of love.

Those who sow strife reap the fruit of their efforts.

Give with a joyful heart and reap the bounty.

I tried to do it for myself, but it was impossible; then I tried to do it for those I love and succeeded.

It was only after I realized I didn't know very much that I began to really learn.

As there are many different roads into poverty, there are many different routes to escape it; don't try to send everyone down the same one.

Being intolerant of intolerance is truly an oxymoron.

Pray for the one who puts nothing, or no one, before himself, for he is creating his own hell.