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       Some Thoughts XVIII

         Mick Stratton



One aspect of maturity is putting off immediate gratification in order to obtain a goal.

Too often we judge another by his rhetoric and not by his actions.

Hundreds of studies, millions of dollars and the experts are just beginning to believe that men and women may not be wired the same.

Ever chance you get tell the ones you love that you do; assuredly there will be a time when you can’t.

The less comfortable we are with exploring the unknown the less we tend to learn.

As you do not see the sun evaporate water, you do not always see good overcome evil; but have faith, in the end it does.

When I was a child I wanted my family to put me first, I knew I had grown up when I put it first.

No matter what you want to believe, your actions do affect others.

No matter how far ahead you are, never forget the race is only won after you cross the finish line.

We are always given the answer, but too often we don’t want to accept it.

Teach your children to love to read, love to pursue truth, and reach out to others and they will have a good start in life.

Thank God smothering the flame doesn’t always extinguish the fire.

Love cannot understand Hate, always looking for the good. Hate cannot understand Love, always looking for the selfish motive and the joy in hurting…