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       Some Thoughts XV

         Mick Stratton



Save a child; teach him to be self-reliant.

All good things cost; are you willing to pay the price?

Be wary of those who treat their family poorly; odds are you eventually will fare no better.

In the final analysis it is between you and your God, how are you doing?

There is more to understanding a thought than knowing the definitions of the words.

Sometimes it is effort that counts; other times it is the result. Wisdom is knowing when this is.

Show me a person who has never failed and I will show you a person who is not pushing himself to his full potential.

If you don’t deserve muscle from someone else’s workouts why would you deserve food from their garden?

It is easier to criticize another’s effort than to attempt the solution ourselves; that is why it is so often done.

Why should we fight for love when there is enough for all?

Losing can be good if it helps to teach you how to win.

Everyday contemplate on what is true and you will do well.

Forcing a response most often gives you the response you did not want.